Watch Hurricane Gustav Live Online

UPDATE **** See also Gustav Videos, Gustav Scammers and Gustav Resource Center for the latest.

As Hurricane Gustav approaches Louisiana and over a million people are evacuated, a few crazy people, and some static webcams are providing a live stream live from the area. Here’s some of the places you can watch Hurricane Gustav live…well, as long as the power and internet connections hold

At the time of writing, is offering a number of live streams from the area. One embed below, and direct links following:

Hurricane Gustav From Luling: seems to be a static cam facing out on a street

Gustav from Slidell: another static cam

Crosby Tubs Gustav


Louisiana Gannett News covering the Hurricane Live.

NOLA has a number of cams throughout the New Orleans area.

Earthcam offers a New Orleans cam, but doesn’t offer a continual live stream, only snapshots.

The Louisiana Department of Transport offers traffic cams across New Orleans. This shot right taken at 6pm Sunday shows how quiet the city has already become.

There’s also a variety of traffic cameras available from Baton Rogue.

For the latest updates on the storm, Ning is hosting an information center, and SocialMedian has a page as well.

UPDATE*** For the latest storm stream, see Hurricane Ike Live.