‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Spoilers: Norman Becomes Norma — Does Sheriff Romero Have To Die To Complete His Transformation?

Bates Motel Season 4 teases big drama is ahead for the Bates family, including Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Sheriff Romero’s (Nestor Carbonell) death — after they confront Norman (Freddie Highmore) on his odd behavior. The new season promises massive revelations, as Norman descends into madness and becomes the new Norma Bates. It’s only natural that to complete his change, Norman must kill his mother. Sheriff Romero was not supposed to die — however, he started asking questions, leaving Norman to feel trapped, and ended up acting upon his feelings by murdering him.

Season 3 ended by showing Norman cooking in the kitchen, dressed as his mother and asking his brother, Dylan (Max Thieriot), to wake up Norman, so he isn’t late for work. It was bizarre at best, and it completely scared his brother. Later, Norman killed his friend, Bradley (Nicola Peltz), after Norma wanted to speak to her. In actuality, it was Norman dressed as his mother. He killed her, then threw her body in the water. In the last minute of the Season 3 finale, Norman and (imaginary Norma) are holding hands as they watch Bradley’s body sink to the bottom of the water.

Bates Motel returns on March 7 and is said to showcase Norman’s descent into madness to embody the Psycho character so many people have grown to love, reported by Coming Soon. According to the speculation, he will become his mother, Norma, and to do that, he must kill her. Long time Psycho fans recall that Norman stuffed his mother, and believed she was still alive. He would hear her talking to him when she was dead, and had been for many years.

For many Bates Motel fans, this season could be the season that it all starts to go downhill for Norman. For the past six months, it has been rumored that he kills his mother in an attempt to become her. Apparently, the writers hope that the next season will show a very different Norman — one that is not only likable but capable of anything, including a gruesome murder.

In the newest promo poster, Norman Bates has a very sinister look and comes across as a mentally unstable young man, reported the Christian Post. It was the first real clue to the A&E audience that his transformation to Norma is complete. Until this new look — which Norman was dressed in his mother’s blouse and pearls — he had appeared to be a sweet boy that was possibly misunderstood. With his transformation complete, there is no mistake — Norman Bates is a mentally disturbed young man and cannot be trusted not to hurt anyone who stands in his way.

Bates Motel writers have teased that Season 4 will tell the ongoing story of Norman’s change in personality, and reveal what made his change so pronounced all the sudden. They will reveal why he had to hurt Sheriff Romero and suggest that it was in a moment of panic and need to protect himself from jail time for murdering Bradley and his teacher several years ago.

Bates Motel’s teaser didn’t reveal much about the series opening. It showed a barrel of a handgun, and Norma fell down what appeared to be the basement stairs, as her strand of pearls fell to the floor. The next scene showed Norman screaming, and blood going down a sink drain. Many fans interrupted the promo video to mean that more deaths were coming, and Norman was clearly at fault.

It’s only a few weeks until Bates Motel premieres with an all new season. Will Norman kill his mother and Sheriff Romero? Will the fans learn more about why Norman has transformed into his mother, and why he has such a tendency towards violence?

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