Louis Tomlinson Babygate Opinions Stuffed Into The Mouths Of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

An amusing image on social media shows Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the nominees for the Democratic candidacy in the 2016 presidential race, re-imagined as One Direction fans.

The candidates “give their opinion” about Louis Tomlinson and “babygate.” The text is crudely superimposed over an official-looking campaign issues comparison poster, and the image was retweeted by a number of Briana Jungwirth, Louis Tomlinson and One Directions fan accounts today.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, who has built a strong platform by urging Americans to join him in the fight against income inequality, is re-imagined as a Briana supporter, gushing that Briana is “the queen of pregnancy, the most gorgeous woman, and birthed our savior Freddie Reign”. The fake Bernie ends his statement with the call “Louriana rise!” expressing his support for the rekindling of the romance between Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth.

“Queen of pregnancy”-style tags are typical of One Direction-lovers of all orientations and “ship” allegiances. Supporters will often declare their idols “king” of “queen” of a particular thing, often something incredibly broad, or prosaic. For example, when Harry Styles was photographed relaxing in a chair at Rande Gerber’s Club Habana venue he was declared “king of sitting.”

On the other side of the so-called “babygate” divide is Hillary Clinton. “Unlikeable” establishment candidate Hillary is often found in polls to be thought “untrustworthy, and is perhaps painted as the Larry shipper on purpose — the image was circulated on many supportive Briana accounts and appears to have sprung from the Briana community on twitter.

The Larry Hillary keeps it short, simply saying “Larry is real! LOL fake baby.”

It’s not the only Bernie/Hillary re-imagining doing the rounds. Several fake issue comparisons have been floating around, including one about highlighters — Sanders gives a detailed comment about the subtleties of makeup contouring and studious Clinton interprets the question as a school stationery question.

The humorous re-imaginings come after the first Iowa caucus, when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton tied, according to the Guardian. It is fitting that a Briana Jungwirth issue poster was created because “babygate” is such a hot-button issue in the One Direction community, and it is thought that young voters will have a big role in deciding the 2016 presidential election.

In other Louis Tomlinson news, a man who taught the Doncaster heartthrob when he was at school has come forward describing what Tomlinson is really like, according to The Star.

The man revealed that Louis has a talent for psychology, and that he would have studied it if he hadn’t sprung to fame with One Direction. The tutor also praised Louis for his great energy and big personality.

“He was full of beans and had bags of personality. He was very good at Psychology but dropped it after the exam as that was the time he started getting involved with the X Factor and the rest his history!”

The man, whose name is Simon Cartlidge, also revealed that generous Louis Tomlinson flew him and his girlfriend to Madrid for a One Direction concert, and took them out for a meal afterwards.

“He is a very, very polite boy, I think he gets that from his Mum who is a wonderful lady… He always loved music, he is the kind of person if you are in a room with him who exudes energy and is fun to be around.

“I like to keep in touch with my former students, I guess it’s because I’m nosey. Some of them turn into professional stilt walkers, others become members of the greatest band in history!”

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision for Hasbro/AP Images]