Artist Mim Kay Combines Her Love Of K-Pop With Her Art By Creating Life-Like Portraits Of K-Pop Idols

In art today, there is a movement, moreso a resurgence of an age-old style that goes against the grain of modern art. This style is known as hyperrealism, an artistic method used by artists of all kinds to create masterpieces that look exactly like the subject. Such a movement is getting the most attention in painting. Mike Dargas is leading at the forefront, and has created portraits of women's faces covered in honey that look so real, art viewers can almost taste the viscous liquid. On the other hand, Marco Grassi is innovating hyperrealism by combining it with surrealism. With that, he is able to turn human bodies into decorative art.

Ultimately, the majority of hyperrealistic artists utilize colored pencils, specifically the expensive Prismacolor brand, blending tools, and professional sketch pencils. Marcello Barenghi is known for drawing everyday items on paper, where they look like actual items on paper. Heather Rooney is known for her photo-realistic drawings of celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Robin Williams, and Alan Rickman.

Now, there is another hyperrealistic artist who draws portraits garnering a lot of attention, specifically among the K-pop community. Artist Mim Kay is creating hyperrealistic drawings of famous K-pop idols, like T.O.P. of BIGBANG and Rap Monster of BTS, and people are taking notice.

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Claudia Kleine, who goes by the artistic moniker "Mim Kay," was recently featured by KpopStarz in their "Profile of a K-Pop Fan" Series. According to her interview, Mim Kay surprisingly did not get into K-pop like most people do, as in a friend did not introduce her to Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, BTS, or any other group. Instead, she was enamored by Choi Seung Hyun in his movie, The Commitment. She went online to find out more about the actor, learning he is better known as T.O.P. of BIGBANG.

Mim Kay only found out about K-pop through finding out more about T.O.P. However, it would be the songs "Watch Out" by HOTSHOT, "Hey Girl" by 24K, and "So Into You" by LU:KUS, that would get her hooked.

Eventually, K-pop has done more for Mim Kay than just being entertaining, as she now uses her K-pop idols as drawing sources. There is, however, a bigger reason why she chose K-pop idols in the first place.

"Music helps me to cope with any problems or emotions. Since I was very sick and fighting cancer back in 2015, K-pop helped me a lot. And, let's be honest, the idols are attractive as hell. Both female and male. So it was just fun to draw them. I do a lot of giveaways on my Instagram, so I probably make a lot of fans happy. And that's what makes me happy."
With how much heart she puts into her drawings, especially the portraits of members from BTS and BIGBANG, K-pop fans are more than happy, especially those who are V.I.P. (BIGBANG's Fan Club) or A.R.M.Y. (BTS' Fan Club). It should be noted Mim Kay draws other celebrities outside of K-pop. Kay's official Facebook page provides a gallery of her other drawings, which includes portraits of Celine Dion, Alan Rickman (as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movie series), Elizabeth Banks (as Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games movie series), and Stephen Amell (as Oliver McQueen/Arrow from Arrow).

[Image via Mim Kay/Facebook]