MAMAMOO: RBW Entertainment Shows No Mercy To K-Pop Group’s Stalkers, Making Online Personas Public, Banning Them Forever

Since 2000, K-pop has grown exponentially in popularity not just internationally through the Hallyu Wave, but also in its homeland of South Korea. Said exponential increase is responsible for many positive things happening for K-pop in general. This includes the increased sales of K-pop-inspired products, more CF contract endorsements for K-pop idols, and even the improvement of contractual relationships between K-pop idols and agencies. However, there is one major issue that also increases with K-pop, and they are known as “sasaeng fans.”

According to the K-pop community, sasaeng fans are widely known as excessively obsessed Hallyu Wave fans. They are mostly female between the ages of 13 to 17, and they are notorious for stalking their idols, invading their privacy with questionable methods. In short, they are the K-pop community equivalent of stalkers.

Most talent agencies have their methods of dealing with stalkers. However, RBW Entertainment had to show no mercy when stalker fans of one of their K-pop idol groups, MAMAMOO, wouldn’t take the hint. Reports now show that RBW Entertainment made the online personas of stalker fans public, banning them forever from MAMAMOO.

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RBW Entertainment, the agency in which Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa are signed to under K-pop idol group MAMAMOO, made their merciless intentions known via social media, specifically MAMAMOO’s Official Fan Cafe.

RBW Entertainment Post

According to a translation by KpopStarz, MAMAMOO had recent problems of stalker fans following them to private events and on the way to and from work. Five of them apparently broke two of RBW Entertainment’s rules; they were caught “waiting for the members outside of the company or dormitories” and “trespassing in the personal living space of the members.”

Ultimately, RBW Entertainment did what they had to do to protect MAMAMOO. They publicly revealed the user names of the five fans followed by forever banning them from joining the K-pop group’s official online fan cafe or attending any of their live shows. They also can’t join “Moomoo,” the group’s official fan club. To be frank, RBW Entertainment was actually merciful in this situation. If they truly wanted to punish these five stalkers, they would have made their true identities public, not their online personas.

The fact that MAMAMOO has such aggressive stalkers at this point in their careers is sad, but ironically amazing too. For starters, the K-pop idol group is less than two years old, making their debut back on June 18, 2014, with the song “Mr. Ambiguous.” Since then, they released other songs that charted well on Gaon including “Don’t Be Happy” and “Peppermint Chocolate.” However, it would be their mini-album Pink Funky which would give them the most attention along with its title track, “Um Oh Ah Yeh” (music video attached above). With that track, they reached number three on Gaon Chart, the highest rating they ever had on any of their songs.

Presently, MAMAMOO is promoting the release of their first studio album titled Melting. To help push it, they also released the album’s title track, “I Miss You.” So far, it has reached number eight on the Gaon Chart.

[Image via MAMAMOO’s Official Facebook Page]