Kanye West’s Alleged Sexual Activities Win Approval From Jenny McCarthy Right Before New Album Release

A recent Twitter feud between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa led to Amber Rose declaring that Kanye West likes some finger playing in an area that’s more known for sexual pleasure when it comes to women or gay men.

According to the Mirror, even Wendy Williams got in on the action.

“Wendy, who found Amber’s claims about Kanye’s alleged bedroom antics very funny, then insinuated it reflected his true sexual preference. She said: ‘I’m not going to say anything about Kanye, what people do behind closed doors is their own business. But I’m embarrassed for Kim Kardashian.’”

Kanye West Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is anything but a homophobe, but she has indicated before that she is tired of men not being honest about their sexuality. However, even if Kanye West likes playing the finger game, it doesn’t mean he is lying about his sexuality. It’s really not a big deal — a thought that Jenny McCartney agrees with.

According to Us Weekly, McCarthy followed every minute of the feud with Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, and Amber Rose. She believes there is nothing wrong with a** play. McCarthy also likes the fact that Amber Rose doesn’t care what anyone thinks. McCarthy believes there was a little bit of manipulation in terms of Kanye setting up this truce setting in the aftermath, especially because he has a new album coming out.

Speaking of Kanye West’s new album, which is scheduled to come out next week, it still doesn’t have an official name. At one point, West’s album was supposed to be called SWISH, then it changed to Waves. The latest rumored title is So Help Me God, which fans prefer — at least according to MTV, who used a tweet from Kim Kardashian to prove so.

According to NME, Mr. West is seeking 1,200 extras for a New York album launch event next week.

Kanye West is seeking 1,200 extras for a event he is throwing at Madison Square Garden next week. As reported, the U.S. rapper will launch his new album with a listening party and fashion show in New York.”

The great thing about this is that the extras will actually get paid $50 to $80 for all of their work.

Kanye West New Album

Even though tickets for the Madison Square Garden event sold out in 10 minutes, West will stream the event to cinemas all around the world. Let’s hope that Kanye West doesn’t refer to his album as the best of all-time during the event. He made a mistake of doing this with a recent tweet.

Kim Kardashian’s husband received a lot of backlash for the tweet and, according to E! Online, backtracked on his thoughts. West now says the album is “one of the greatest” of all-time, not “the greatest.” Whether or not his new album will be a hit is another question; West’s 2013 effort, Yeezus, was a huge flop when compared to West’s previous albums. Do you think Kanye West can make a commercial comeback? Let us know in the comments section.

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