WWE Rumors: WWE Teasing AJ Styles Vs. Brock Lesnar — Styles Seen As Main Event Talent

Ever since rumors started of AJ Styles arriving in WWE, many have thought of all the different feud and match possibilities that could come out of his signing. Upon his arrival, he interacted with a number of WWE superstars in the Royal Rumble, and has since clashed with Chris Jericho in an ideal match scenario. Still, there are plenty of other great dream match opportunities, and WWE is now teasing a match between AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar.

It’s hard to imagine which direction WWE is going to go with Styles and if he’ll be involved in the main event scene or what. Many think that it’s only a matter of time until he ends up going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but who will he attempt to take it from?

Recently, WWE’s website had a poll up asking fans who they would like to see feud with AJ Styles, and Triple H was kind of running away with that poll. The latest idea from WWE is a video called “5 Dream Matches for AJ Styles,” and it’s a rather interesting list.

The video says there is no particular order, but it does count down to the final possibility and it’s the “Beast Incarnate” himself — Brock Lesnar.

wwe rumors brock lesnar aj styles

Brock Lesnar is currently set for a triple threat match at Fastlane against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for the right to face Triple H for the WWE Title. Depending on what happens in that match, Lesnar is going to WrestleMania 32 to face either Triple H or possibly Bray Wyatt.

So, if Lesnar and Styles are going to have a feud, it’s not going to happen before the summer. That’s also due to the fact that Lesnar will likely take some time off by mid-April.

Many fans would absolutely love to see AJ Styles in a feud with Brock Lesnar as it’s not only two of the biggest names in WWE, but two of the most popular. This is one that WWE has to realize is a huge money-making match and will happen before too long.

The video from WWE’s website does have four other possibilities as well though, and they’re all quite intriguing.

wwe rumors aj styles john cena

An AJ Styles vs. John Cena feud is rather inevitable as well. One of the most talented wrestlers in the world against the face of WWE, that’s yet another money-maker for WWE. The hardcore wrestling fans would be solidly behind Styles while the casual fans (there are a lot of them) would be behind Cena, making for a true crowd split.

Cesaro and Seth Rollins are two other options that the video from WWE lists as dream matches for AJ Styles. Those are two more huge feuds that would give the fans wrestling clinics with the amount of talent and experience that would be in the ring.

Kind of odd that three of the five options are wrestlers that are currently injured and likely to miss WrestleMania 32. Maybe WWE isn’t trying to get anyone’s hopes up just yet, but there is one more name on the list and it’s NXT Champion Finn Balor.

aj styles dream matches finn balor wwe rumors

There is one option in the video that doesn’t have a superstar on WWE’s main roster and it’s for Styles to feud with Finn Balor. Fans would go absolutely insane for this dream match, but in an even stranger twist, Balor is now injured too.

WrestleZone confirmed that Balor suffered an ankle injury at the Friday night NXT event in Nashville. WWE did end up confirming Balor’s injury and that he was not going to compete at the NXT event in Indianapolis on Saturday night.

Balor is undergoing further evaluation on Monday to see how serious the injury may be. As for a feud with Styles? The current NXT Champion needs to be called up to the main roster first, but when he is, this is going to be a fantastic feud between two former Bullet Club members.

AJ Styles is just getting started in WWE, and he’s about to face off with Chris Jericho again, and that’s awesome enough as it is. Even the WWE editors know who they could love to see in a dream match against AJ Styles, and it seems as if Brock Lesnar is leading the charge, so the future is one to really look forward to.

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