Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Spark Romance With Kids Play Date: Gavin Rossdale Rues 3-Year Affair With Nanny

Gwen Stefani has become increasingly famed in recent months since her role as a coach on The Voice turned into a romance with another coach, country crooner Blake Shelton. Since the news that they were dating broke last November, the cute couple have been heating up their hook-up with various adventures, ranging from a football game to wine country. But at heart, Gwen will always be a mom. So when the No Doubt front woman wanted to take her three sons to play, it was Blake (not their father and her estranged husband, Gavin Rossdale) who picked up the car keys and took on the job of chauffeur, reported the Daily Mail.

Shelton, 39, was seen in a black GMC Denali, giving Stefani a ride to a Los Angeles playground with the trio of lads. The 46-year-old pop star doesn’t use a play date as an excuse to dress down, however. Gwen still rocked her ensemble. Black pants gave her a sleek look, with those famous blonde locks shining in a curly up-do.

Little Apollo, who is almost 2, got to watch the big boys play. Big brother Kingston, 9, looked athletic in his Adidas T-shirt, grey sneakers, and blue shorts. At 6, Zuma was into flag football, showing off his maroon Redskins jersey as he frolicked.

Gwen Stefani holds her son Apollo.

The day made it clear that Gwen and Blake have learned to manage family time with romance. Their love follows rocky periods for both of them, with Shelton breaking up with Miranda Lambert and Stefani ending her marriage with Gavin Rossdale.

Blake did double duty when it came to taking on the role of chauffeur for his girlfriend and her three sons, revealed the Daily Mail.

Beaming in the car, Shelton headed back to pick up the quartet after the park play time had ended. The occasion also offered glimpses into just how normal Stefani has sought to make life for her boys despite her fame and the highly publicized split with her sons’ father.

Gwen Stefani rocks an up-do.

With Zuma in the role of athlete, even shifting from flag football to basketball, the other boys stayed close to their mom. Kingston, however, revealed that he has a sweet tooth, taking a break from mom time to buy some Girl Scout cookies.

And one additional member of the family got some play time. That was Dodo the parrot, who the No Doubt front woman and animal lover revealed on social media several months ago. Stefani was seen with her bird at the park on Saturday. The bright feathers of the parrot stood out much more than trying-to-keep-it-under-the-radar Blake.

Shelton was attired in a trucker hat, plaid shirt, jeans, and his trademark boots. But that big grin gave him away as he transported his girlfriend and boys back and forth.

That leaves Gavin Rossdale as the odd man out, and he’s wishing he had never cheated for three years with his children’s nanny, sources told PopDust.

Gwen Stefani filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale.

Married for 13 years, Gwen and Gavin seemed as if they had a fabulous relationship to outsiders. But within the marriage, Rossdale was busy having an affair with family nanny Mindy Mann. Some reports indicated that the two were cheating at the same time that Stefani was pregnant with Apollo.

Now, however, that the marriage has ended and his ex is off enjoying a new romance with Blake, Gavin is ruing the wreckage.

“He refuses to take off his wedding ring, and almost as a form of punishment, has taken a vow of celibacy. He hates himself for losing the love of his life and his family,” said one of PopDust‘s sources.

Gwen was the one who filed for divorce, with reasons including “irreconcilable differences.” The divorce filing occurred in August, and it only took until early November before Stefani and Shelton confirmed that they were a couple. The fact that the rebound romance occurred so quickly upsets Rossdale, according to that source.

“He’s even banned mention of the name ‘Blake Shelton’ from all his family and friends. It’s not that he hates him or anything, but it’s too painful to hear his name,” added the insider. “He knows he has no one to blame but himself. He still loves Gwen and part of him is happy that she’s with a good man, but he wishes he could have his family back.”

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