Kenya Moore Dishes On Dating Matt Jordan, Trying To Become A Mother And ‘RHOA’ Drama

Kenya Moore is still on a mission to get pregnant and her struggle with infertility has been well documented on Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was recently revealed that Kenya has a new man named Matt Jordan. Many fans are wondering if Moore will be trying to make babies with Jordan and the RHOA star talked about both babies and her new boyfriend in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

During Housewives Happy Hour Kenya dished on her journey to get pregnant and start a family. Moore said she’s taking tips from Kandi Burruss, who went through the same process as she currently is going through. “You know, you have to be on a schedule, and you have to be tested at a very specific time,” Kenya said. Then Moore admitted that many of her previous attempts to get pregnant happened during RHOA filming and the timing just never worked out right to get tested and go through the process while the cameras were rolling.

This time around, Kenya is going to try to get pregnant while RHOA is not filming. That’s sad news for Kenya Moore fans who may have wanted to go on that IVF journey with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. However, Kenya said that going through the process of getting pregnant while cameras weren’t rolling worked for Kandi Burruss and she’s hoping that it will work for her too.

During the interview, ET also asked Kenya Moore about her new man. It was recently revealed that Kenya has a new boyfriend and his name is Matt Jordan. Kenya didn’t want to say if Jordan would be the father of her future baby, but their relationship is relatively new and fans are guessing that Kenya will go a different route in getting pregnant, probably through the use of a donor.

Kenya did talk about her current relationship and how things are going. “It’s going well,” Kenya said. “I have learned from my mistakes, and I definitely just go one step at a time. I don’t try to dream anymore, I just live in the moment, and it just seems to be working for me right now.”

The RHOA star admitted that she’s shy about bringing her love life to the small screen again. Back in Season 5, Kenya dated Walter Jackson and when they broke up, it got really messy. Since then, Moore has been pretty quiet about who she’s dating. Kenya even addressed the rumors that in recent seasons that she either made up stories about having a boyfriend or that she paid men to pretend they were with her.

“I dated quietly, and then that became, ‘Oh, she’s making people up now!’” Kenya said. “You know, ‘Oh, she’s paying people.’ … or it’s, ‘She can’t get a man,’ you know? And I’m just tired of it, and I just felt like, I’m taking my life back.” This time around, Kenya isn’t keeping her boyfriend a secret but she certainly isn’t giving up all the details either. Will we see Matt Jordan on upcoming episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta?

As usual, Kenya Moore is bringing the drama to RHOA during Season 8 and fans of the Bravo hit just can’t get enough. Kenya started off on a mission to get her birth mother to talk. After being completely shunned by the woman, fans speculated about whether Kenya should have bothered her birth o or left the woman alone. Although Kenya didn’t get to build a relationship with her mother as she wished, she did admit to fixing her relationship with her real dad.

Kenya’s quest to know her parents was dramatic, but nothing compared to her interactions with the rest of the RHOA cast. In the absence of Nene Leakes, Kenya got very close to Cynthia Bailey. Now that Nene is back, Cynthia has reconciled her friendship with Nene and that didn’t sit well with Kenya.

The drama didn’t stop there either. During a group trip to Jamaica that fans got to see on the most recent episode, Kenya got into an epic blowout with RHOA newbie Kim Fields. Kenya went hard on the former The Facts of Life star, calling her “Tootie” and getting in her face in an obvious attempt to get Fields to become physical. Kenya knows what it takes for another cast mate to get thrown off the show after Porsha Williams lost it during a previous RHOA reunion. Was Kenya trying to make sure Kim Fields didn’t come back for season 9? She’s said that she doesn’t want the Kim to come back.

As for Kenya’s friendship with Cynthia Bailey, it looks like that will be over now that Nene Leakes is back. After the way Kenya flipped out on Kim during Cynthia’s Jamaica trip and the way she was acting about Cynthia’s mended friendship with Nene, Kenya certainly made it easy for Cynthia to walk away and not even look like the bad guy while she’s doing it.

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