Kylie Jenner Celebrates 50 Million Followers Amid Lip Kit Popularity And Break-up Rumors

Kylie Jenner has had one successful year, after experiencing a massive positive response to her app that allows fans to get beauty and fashion advice from the reality star and her beauty tutorials that have a huge following, not to mention her lip color line that has been met with mega popularity, Jenner is quickly catching up to older sister Kim on the media-spotlight front.

Just this past week, Kylie also reached a huge milestone by hitting the 50 million followers mark on Instagram. Kim Kardashian still is leading the pack among the sisters on social media with 59 million followers on the Instagram platform, yet Kylie has managed to climb quicker and more steadily over the past few months than Kim has.

The 18-year-old took to Instagram, obviously, to demonstrate her gratitude to her fans and followers by posting a gorgeous black and white snap with a fitting caption beneath it. Yahoo relays details about the post to the social media platform.

“’50 million????,’ she captioned the pic of herself seductively posing just in a black leotard and blowing a puff of smoke.”

Kylie Jenner; image via Instagram
A few hours later, Kylie followed up the celebratory post with a stunning head shot, also in black and white.

Kylie Jenner; image via Instagram
Kylie has experienced quite the week, not only due to her follower milestone being reached and surpassed, but also because her recent additions to her Kylie Lip Kit sold out in mere minutes from the time they were launched. Yahoo shares about Kylie’s lip color popularity that has also been cause for celebration among the Jenner clan.

“[Kylie] launched six new Kylie Lip Kit colors on Friday, which sold out in 10 minutes. Taking to SnapChat, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared her excitement over the success of the launch. She and her momager, Kris Jenner, couldn’t help but tear up at how quickly the new colors were sold.”

Despite the rumors that have been circulating around Kylie and boyfriend Tyga as to whether they are together or broken up, the rapper has been instrumental in giving the reality star his full support in her ventures. Tyga even popped by Kylie’s radio show to chat and encourage the beauty.

The publication shares that Kylie’s “on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tyga, appeared on Kylie Radio alongside his gal on Thursday.” The rapper and father then shared his own Instagram post of himself hugging the reality star and the two of them chatting on her app’s radio show.

Although Kylie and Tyga have experienced their fair share of drama throughout the past couple of months, Entertainment Tonight has reported that at this time the pair is definitely still together.

When the couple stepped out for a meal together on Sunday night, a source shared with the entertainment site that “They look very much together.”

Although Tyga and Kylie appear to be back on, Kylie has noted her hesitation at continuing on in her relationship and reportedly shared with a friend recently that she would rather be single at this point in her life. ET shares about Kylie’s confession.

“‘I kinda just want to date myself,’ Kylie told her friend, Jordyn Woods. ‘I feel like I’ve been in a relationship for, like, six years. I have just gone from one person to the next. Now I feel like I really need to find myself this year and have a relationship with myself,’ Kylie continued. ‘Because I don’t know what it feels like to be by myself. I feel like you need to love yourself before you can love anybody else.'”

Seeing as Kylie’s success has sky-rocketed since beginning her relationship with the rapper, it must be tricky to balance the drama her relationship brings with all the good she’s experiencing from her career endeavors.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for InStyle]