Christopher O’Kroley Told Police It Was ‘Easy’ To Kill Woman Who Complained About Him At Work

Wisconsin man Christopher O’Kroley killed a female co-worker and bragged about how easy the violent deed was to accomplish, police say. The 26-year-old man has been charged with first degree homicide. He is accused of killing Caroline Nosal, 24, at a Metro Market Cottage Grove parking lot just a day after he was fired.

Co-workers of the accused killer and the victim have stated that the “relationship” between Christopher O’Kroley and Caroline Nosal had become contentious after he “wanted more” and she did not. In addition to the murder charges, O’Kroley as also charged with first degree reckless endangerment.

About two weeks before O’Kroley was issued a work suspension, Caroline Nosal told the store manager that she was being harassed by her co-worker. Wisconsin police investigators maintain that after the work suspension, he began to plan ways to kill Nosal and himself if he was ultimately fired from his job, WISC-TV News reports.

When O’Kroley was arrested on Wednesday, he told the police that he would have shot and killed Nosal a day earlier, but decided to spend a day doing some shooting practice with the gun he had just purchased first.

After he had gotten in some shooting practice, O’Kroley went back to the store where he had worked to find Nosal, but she had already gone home for the evening. The accused killer told the police that he too decided to go home and order a pizza and try again the next day to find Caroline, the Daily Mail reports.

He went to their workplace Monday evening after practicing, but Nosal had left work. So O’Kroley went home, watched movies, and ordered pizza before returning the next day to attempt the shooting again, police said.

He texted a former co-worked and said that he wanted to come get the rest of his things when Nosal was not there and asked what time she worked the next day. On Tuesday, he saw Caroline in the grocery store parking lot as she was leaving work. O’Kroley shot her in both the abdomen and the head.

According to police reports, the accused killer knelt down beside Nosal’s car until he saw her walking around the corner from the grocery store. When he spotted Caroline, he said that the simply stood up, aimed quickly, and shot her in the chest and abdomen area. After she fell to the ground bleeding, he walked over to her and shot her once more, this time in the head.

He deemed himself a sociopath and said it was “easy” to kill Caroline Nosal because she had “ruined” his life.

“I killed Caroline and I’m about to kill myself. So don’t be surprised when I don’t respond anymore,” O’Kroley typed in a text message to a former co-worker after the murder.

The Wisconsin man discovered that he could not kill himself after all and decided he was going to carjack someone and flee the scene. For some reason, he opted to instead speed away in his own vehicle. The police used both a drone and a canine unites to search for the killer. They arrested O’Kroley less than five miles from where his car was found abandoned.

Before he was taken into custody Christopher O’Kroley got into a brief gunfight with Madison Police Department officer Michele Walker.

O’Kroley had this to say about the reckless endangerment charge that was levied against him for shooting at a police officer.

“I’m glad I didn’t hit her. I don’t know what else, I guess I’m sorry but… I don’t know if I am sorry, I’m just glad I didn’t hit her.”

A woman who had dated O’Kroley told local reporters that he had suffered from mental illness for about 10 years and tired to kill himself two years ago. He was wheeled into the courtroom for a hearing earlier this week in what is referred to as a “suicide-prevention smock.” The smock is reportedly “noose-proof” and tear resistant.

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