‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: Lexa’s Backstory, Ice Nation Explained, And The Grounder Spirituality

The 100 season 3 is only three episodes in, but already has established gripping storylines, suspenseful moments, and it is clear the stakes are higher than ever. On The 100 season 3, episode 3, titled “Ye Who Enter Here,” Clarke and Lexa talked about what happened at Mount Weather, discoveries about certain characters were made, and viewers began to understand Lexa’s thought process. In an interview with Variety, Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey discussed Clarke and Lexa’s storylines and the future of “Clexa” on The 100. There is also information on Ice Nation, the “Grounder spirituality” and more.

Even though Lexa seems brutally cold on The 100, the character is not heartless. On season 3, episode 3, Clarke tried to kill Lexa, but was unable to do so. For the first time since Mount Weather, Clarke broke down and cried. It was a pivotal moment for Lexa, realizing just how much her betrayal and Mount Weather affected Clarke.

In The 100 season 3, episode 3, fans learned a little about what motivates Lexa to make her decisions. Alycia Debnam-Carey also spoke about Lexa’s thought process.

Debnam-Carey told Variety that unlike Clarke, Lexa does not have any guilt. In fact, Lexa shut off her emotions. To some, this makes The 100 character seem cold and cruel. However, it is how Lexa survives the post-apocalyptic world. It is also what makes Lexa a fearless leader in The 100.

“Lexa has made a bit of a betrayal in other people’s eyes,” Debnam-Carey told Variety. “But for her, it’s her loyalty to her people, and she’s the type of pragmatic leader who’s not going to cave to other people’s desires.”

To really understand Lexa’s thought process, viewers need to know her backstory. That is one storyline that fans can expect on The 100 season 3. Alycia Debnam-Carey explained Lexa is expected to live up to previous commanders. The Grounders also have rituals that have been in place for years. However, in The 100, Lexa is making decisions that even her people don’t understand. The actress added that Lexa is the first person to challenge the Grounder’s traditions.

Creator Jason Rothenberg spoke to TV Guide about the Grounders. In season 3 of The 100, viewers will learn more about “the Grounder spirituality” and what it means.

Other spoilers for The 100 season 3 include Ice Nation. Rothenberg explained that the clan is militaristic and are not happy about joining Lexa’s coalition. Ice Nation did it out of necessity because Mount Weather was a threat. On the season 2 finale of The 100, Clarke destroyed Mount Weather, eliminating that threat. By doing so, she unknowingly renews the animosity between Ice Nation and the Tree Crew. The 100 showrunner also teased that it will create big problems because the Ice Queen wants everything.

One Ice Nation character was already introduced in The 100 season 3 premiere. Prince Roan, played by Zach McGowan, is an outsider. Initially thought of as a villain, it turns out Roan isn’t as bad as fans believed. Collider interviewed the actor, who hinted what Roan really wants.

“The Ice Nation is a pretty brutal place. They breed war heroes. The relationship between mother and child, in that world, is a little bit different than it is in our own society.

“But, no one really likes being a disappointment to their parents and their family. More than anything, he just wants to return home.”

Spoilers Guide published the synopsis for The 100 season 3, episode 4. Titled “Watch the Thrones,” Clarke finds out who is behind a devious plan. Despite all the turmoil and chaos, Kane tries to keep the peace. Jasper will continue his reckless behavior as he struggles with Maya’s death.

A promo for the next episode of The 100 reveals that war is coming. There is a difference of opinion when it comes to handling the next threat. Bellamy is forced to make a decision on The 100 season 3, episode 4, but will he make the right choice?

The next episode of The 100 airs February 11 on the CW network.

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