‘The 100’ Spoilers Season 3 Episode 4: Dawn Of War [Watch]

The 100 Season 3 has been on fire lately with the past three episodes that have given fans something to cheer about. The show has engaged in such fiery plots and storylines that fans of the show have been glued to the TV screen every week, waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Next week when The 100 returns with Episode 4, titled “Watch the Thrones,” fans of the show ware going to get a new dose of great television on the CW, as listed by TV Guide.

But before we can talk about what’s to come on Episode 4 of The 100, we really need to step back and put everything into perspective. The first three episodes of Season 3 have been explosive, to say the least, and there have been many twists and turns to the plots for the show. To really sum it up, there is a lot to follow along with, and if you haven’t seen any of the first three episodes, then you really need this refresher. Of course, we would be remiss not to warn you that spoilers about those episodes of The 100 Season 3 lie ahead.

With all that happened on The 100 Season 3 opener, which included the recent three months of Clarke’s isolation, her new love interest with the lady at the trading post and her eventual capture by the Ice Nation warrior Roan (Zack McGowan), there is plenty that fans need a pre-requisite for before they can understand what is to come.

Then, in Episode 3 of The 100, the storylines really started making some progress. Suffice it to say that not all was what it seemed in the beginning, but at the end of the episode, many skeletons had left the closet.

In The 100 episode 3, according to Entertainment Weekly, Mount Weather is once again the source of yet much more agony for the original 100 Sky People, who have now reached an apparent agreement to join in with the Grounders and unite with the clans. But an appearance by the Ice Nation and their vicious Queen Nia (Brenda Strong) also showed that the nearly primitive style of war has been lost on them now that they have the capability of producing a scheming plan that will no doubt lead to many people’s death on The 100.

In the beginning of the episode, Lexa and Clarke were at each others throats. Well, to put it more directly, Clarke was at her throat and Lexa seemed to be submissive to her every move. She was even trying to send Clarke back to her people. The episode started off with them having not seen each other for a week after their first confrontation that didn’t end well. Lexa was trying to give her some space.

But as fans that have watched The 100 from the beginning know, there will always be a soft spot in Lexa’s heart for Clarke. She had fallen in love with her at first sight, and the thought of her betraying Clarke last season has driven what seems like a permanent wedge between them. Clarke did not quite experience the “first sight” love with Lexa, but she had slowly warmed up to her over the course of the previous two seasons of The 100.

At the end of the last of episode of The 100, things went from bad to worse when the Ice Nation betrayed the Grounders and the Sky People. Now, they are united with taking down those who destroyed Mount Weather.

In the next episode of The 100, there is no other option for the Grounders, Clans, and Sky People but to go to war with the Ice Nation.

Clarke is going to discover the mastermind behind the betrayal and the leak of the launch codes, which was Emerson.

Back at The 100 camp, Kane will have to find creative ways to maintain order and restore peace from within. That also includes the grief stricken Jasper, whose reckless actions will lead to devastating consequences.

Watch the trailer below.


[Image via The CW]