WWE Rumors: Lucha Underground Rejects Triple H And TNA

WWE rumors are stating that both Triple H, who was representing World Wrestling Entertainment, and TNA met with Lucha Underground officials, according to Wrestling Inc. Apparently, WWE and TNA were interested in forming some sort of partnership with Lucha Underground, who surprisingly decided that it would be best at this time to stay independent.

Much has changed over the past year for Lucha Underground. After their first season ended, there were plenty of questions as to whether or not their television show would even be renewed by the El Rey Network. That more than likely would have meant the folding of the company, as they had not built up their brand name enough to successfully pull off a traveling professional wrestling tour.

A year later, and Lucha Underground is on the rise. Not only did they receive the green light for the second season, Lucha Underground has already announced that the El Rey Network has officially approved them for a third season, which bodes really well for the performers that utilize the company as their primary source of income. Ask any promoter and they would tell you that it is vital to have a consistent television presence if you want to stay in business and expand.

Triple H

The latest boom for Lucha Underground was when they were shockingly featured by ESPN, which gave the promotion a good amount of time to let millions of potential new fans know about their product and their second season. The exposure on ESPN led to Lucha Underground being mentioned by various other mainstream media outlets. Some believe that Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo (formerly known as John Morrison in WWE) actually helped Lucha Underground secure their third season with the El Rey Network.

If you were to take just about every other professional wrestling promotion in the country and had Triple H visit with them about a potential partnership with WWE, then chances are, the answer is going to be yes. It’s not every day that you get to expand your business in a heartbeat. World Wrestling Entertainment is a global empire, and any association with them is surely going to make the business side of things easier for you.

The fact that Lucha Underground felt compelled to reject the advances of WWE, that’s a sign of how confident management is about their ability to stay in business and to expand further than most thought they would. Lucha Underground feels that their product is good enough that one day they will be able to take away fans who have grown bored with the products that TNA and World Wrestling Entertainment have been producing.


If Lucha Underground can continue their success, then that opens the door for even more success. By proving to fans that they are an entertaining alternative to WWE and TNA, Lucha Underground can increase their fan base, which in turn will help them increase their revenue stream. It doesn’t take a business genius to know that revenue is required if the bills are to continue being paid.

By showing that Lucha Underground is a viable enough of a place for big name stars, such as Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio, to work, then the promotion should find themselves having a much easier time convincing other big name performers to give them a chance. Even though he has his loyalty towards WWE, a performer like Rob Van Dam could be convinced to join Lucha Underground if he felt that it was enough of a challenging platform to try.

[Featured Photo by El Rey Network]