Dana White Confirms Holly Holm Vs. Ronda Rousey Rematch -- Chuck Liddell To Train Former UFC Champ?

Dana White confirmed that former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will step into the Octagon in November for a rematch against Holly Holm. According to ESPN, there's a catch -- Holm will have to defend her title in March, and the winner of that matchup will fight Ronda in November. In order to see Rousey step into the Octagon with Holm again, Holly will need to win the fight against Miesha Tate on March 5.

Ronda Rousey had not revealed when she planned to train for her next bout, only that she expected to step into the Octagon at the end of 2016. So far, Rousey has not started training following her painful loss to Holly in November. Her fans were shocked by her loss and felt that Ronda was off for the fight. Regardless, Rousey lost the bout, and must work her way back to the top to earn her bantamweight title that Holm currently holds.

Initially, many UFC fans thought Rousey and Holm would rematch as soon as Ronda was medically cleared to fight. It appears now that that is not the case -- White confirmed that Holm will fight two times in 2016. One of the reasons that Ronda won't fight right away is that she has a previous project in the works -- filming the remake of Road House in Mid-April.

Dana White was asked how Ronda was doing nearly three months following her loss to Holm. White replied that she was doing well. He stated that she was a warrior, and very passionate about the sport. Dana added, "She'll be back to win her title." Previously, Ronda's trainers have stated she is a born fighter and will return to the Octagon stronger than ever.

On February 5, former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell stated he was open to training Ronda Rousey if she wants his help, as he noticed she needed help with her striking, Bleacher Report noted. Chuck noted that he would be able to get her in tip-top shape to defeat Holly Holm and reclaim her title. The Iceman stated that Holly was able to defeat Ronda because she was a professional boxer, a skill Rousey lacked, and it was seen in her loss to Holm.

Chuck explained that it was a head kick from Holly that led Ronda to crumble in agony to the floor. Nearly three months later, and UFC fans are still talking about it like it occurred just a few days ago. Holm highlighted holes in Rousey's strategy and showed her lack of striking skills. Ronda is a first-round finisher and proved that she has trouble going the distance. Rousey's fight showed she needs help in standing up and sparing with her opponents.

The fact is, Ronda could learn much from Chuck Liddell, who holds the record for the most knockouts, 13 of 23, in his UFC career. Until her loss to Holly, Rousey had a reputation for being a fierce competitor and submitting her opponent. The first eight bouts, she won the match via the armbar. Joel Snape explained that Ronda is a talented fighter; however, she needs coaching in stand-up fighting and lacked the skills to defeat Holly Holm.

There is no official word on whether Rousey will take Liddell up on his offer to train her for her next fight. Ronda's current trainer, Edmond Tarverdyan, has been suspended for three months and fined $5,000 for falsifying documents. Her future with her current trainer is in danger and unlikely, which makes The Iceman's offer to train her all the more attractive.

[Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images]