WWE News: Backstage Reaction To AJ Styles, Not Seen As Just Another New Wrestler By Talent

AJ Styles has been in WWE for only a few weeks now, and he is already seeing fans pitch for him to be in the main event of WrestleMania 32. His debut was huge, but most saw that coming due to the hype WWE had been building for months, along with the fact The Royal Rumble happened to be in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is a place Styles knows quite well, as he was there for years as part of TNA’s roster. The promotion taped a lot of their television shows in the Universal Studios park, which helped them get big crowds to fill the arena usually.

It made sense for Florida to love AJ, as he was known well there. We even expected some other southern states know him because of TNA working there a lot for live events and television tapings. However, when AJ started getting responses from other places, it really started to impress those that doubted if people would know him in WWE. Clearly people know who AJ Styles is.

If you happen to be that guy or girl who does not, WWE is doing a great job at introducing him on television. Some fans believe AJ should be thrown into a title picture of some sort right now, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. He has plenty of time to get to this, and who knows, WWE might throw him into something soon. For now, we’re seeing him get proper treatment.


This very well could be due to the reaction he has gotten backstage. According to Daily Wrestling News, AJ Styles has been well-received by much of the talent backstage. They feel that he is not just some other new talent, which has gotten him a lot of respect by the roster.

This being said, it seems fans believe he is well worth the time and investment, but the WWE roster also realizes they have a blue chip wrestler on their team now. AJ Styles has made a big name for himself all over the world in almost every company he worked in. He has wrestled in TNA, NJPW, WCW, and now WWE. He is the only athlete on WWE’s roster right now to have wrestled in all four promotions.

While AJ was always loved for his work in TNA, the real thing that got him noticed was his amazing work in New Japan. He was not only able to keep himself relevant across the world, but he had more buzz surrounding him than any other time in his career.


WWE did take a look at Styles when he left TNA, but they never offered him a deal at the time according to Styles. When he went to Japan, that was where WWE really realized what type of performer Styles was. He could play a heel or babyface and wrestle as good as or better than the Japanese performers who are known for their great skill in the ring if nothing else.

He managed to get a lot of negative press over his Styles Clash move, which literally broke the necks of opponents. The problem was how a wrestler took the move, not so much on how AJ Styles hit it. He never hurt a person with it in TNA in a decade, so when he went to Japan it would make no sense to think he would start there. Finally, people began to take the move correctly and all negative press went away on Styles but the move was seen as a real, legit finisher due to the history it now had.

AJ Styles told reporters that right now, he feels he is the best he has ever been in his career. That is saying a lot. Could AJ Styles just now be hitting his prime? If so, WWE would possibly have their answer for a potential Daniel Bryan loss. Fans hope WWE uses him well, and so far they have. If nothing else, Styles has the respect of his colleagues, which is not easy when you first walk into a place. Styles is far ahead of anyone else walking in right now at least.

[Image via WWE]