‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6B Releases New 2-Minute Video [Watch]

Nick Younker

The Walking Dead has just released a new two-minute video that takes a look at the final eight episodes of season 6. It is quite a surreal piece with commentary by many of the series' stars and producers that gives fans an exciting glimpse into the ever expanding world of The Walking Dead, which includes what the characters can expect moving forward with the series after the fallout of the looming Walker war.

Although most of the conjecture that has taken place online about how The Walking Dead will move forward in the second half of season 6 has been somewhat on point, there is always going to be that wild card that showrunner Scott Gimple strategically places in each episode and breaks all the rules. Those same rules are what die hard fans of The Walking Dead use to maintain a resemblance of sanity between episodes and seasons.

There is, however, some good news on the horizon with the future of The Walking Dead on AMC. Although the fate of Glenn still hangs carefully in the balance following the arrival of Negan late in the season, Maggie is about to rise up and take on a leadership role, considering she was Deanna's aide and on the inside of the leadership, according to TV Line.

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Moving forward in the series, the arrival of the Saviors has already breached the horizon following the post-fall-finale teaser. But as far as the arrival of Negan, fans of The Walking Dead need to stay patient on that one.

Negan won't be coming on The Walking Dead right away. That of course is all the better for the people and the core group. The truth is, they can only really handle one, maybe two, major threats at a time. Right now, those threats are the Walker war and the Wolves. Once those are over, then they can carry on with the next threat.

But as the original teaser indicated, the Saviors have only come upon Daryl Dixon and company out on the road. So there is a good chance that they will not risk leading them back to their safe zone. Daryl will not allow a threat like that to come home with him.

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