Florida: Batman Wanted For Dollar Store Robberies, Caped Crusader Demanded Cash As He Pointed Gun At Cashier

A Florida man dressed as Batman robbed a 123 Dollar Store at gunpoint on Tuesday, demanding the contents of the register from the clerk. An hour and a half later, the same mysterious Batman robbed another store.

The robbery took place in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night, according to the New York Daily News. The masked man entered the 123 Dollar store and aimed a gun at the store clerk. Within moments, Batman handed the clerk his backpack and demanded it to be filled with money. The store clerk, shocked and remaining in compliance, followed the demand before handing the backpack to the Batman impostor.

After the Batman robber left, he made his way to another store, arriving an hour and a half later to steal more cash.

The Batman impostor wore the familiar cowl and upper chest garb, complete with utility belt. However, the bottom portion of the outfit was missing, replaced with jeans instead.

The owner of the barbershop next to the 123 Dollar Store is concerned that the incident happened but couldn’t help and joke about the strange situation.

“He’s not Batman, he’s Batzarro. He was wearing Batman, if he was wearing Spiderman, I would’ve been all right.”

There were two female customers in the store at the time of the first robbery. The Batman impostor pointed his gun at them but left them alone as he grabbed his cash and made his getaway.

Police are unsure whether the man is white or Hispanic but claim he has a medium build. They are asking that anyone who has clues as to the identity of the Batman Impostor contact the Orange County Police Crimeline at 800-423-8477, according to WESH TV.

Orange County police posted the video of the first robbery on their Facebook Page.

“The suspect is described as a White/Hispanic male, thin build, wearing a Batman mask, blue jeans and carrying a backpack.”

The second robbery location was a Dollar General Store at about 9:30 pm.

Although his identity is unknown, the Batman Impostor is easy to spot when he approaches the stores. It is unknown whether he will commit more robberies, or if Tuesday night’s crime spree was a one-time ordeal. However, if he does attempt another dark night of robberies, police warn that he is armed and potentially dangerous, although no one has been hurt yet. They police urge anyone that sees him approach a business to contact them immediately.

Although the Batman impostor escaped both robberies with a backpack full of cash, many other attempted robberies do not go as planned. Maybe it is the Batman mask that confuses the unsuspecting clerks that caused them to go along with handing over the cash, rather than fighting back. However, in many cases, the attempted robberies are foiled by the clerks in the stores.

Fighting with a robbery suspect is never a good idea. It may result in injury or potentially death if the robber is armed. Officers recommend complying with the demands of the robber, handing over the money and merchandise they request. Doing so lessens the chances that the individual gets hurt and that the robber leaves peacefully. Fighting back can lead to an unpredictable outcome and unfortunate circumstances.

The clerks and customers at both the 123 Dollar Store and the Dollar General were not harmed by the Batman impostor. Police are hopeful that his days of villainous crime are over and that he only needed some quick cash. However, they are on the lookout for the suspect and hope to intervene before there are any other incidents or individuals become hurt during a robbery or during a getaway.

[Image via ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock]