Breaking Bad Premiere: Five Things To Expect From The New Season

Walter White won. At the end of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, the high school teacher / meth cook defeats his rivals and becomes the top dog in the New Mexico drug world. So what happens next?

Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Vince Gilligan (the show’s creator), Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), and Ann Gunn (Skyler White), have all dropped a few hints about the new season of Breaking Bad.

Here are a few things that you can expect during the fifth season of hit AMC show, which premieres tonight.

1.) New characters

Vince Gilligan revealed that the show would be introducing a few new characters in the fifth season. One of those characters, played by Laura Fraser, is an old associated of Gus Fring. Gilligan said: (Lydia is a) former associate of Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) who’s integral to the proceedings of season 5.” Gilligan also said a character named Todd, played by Jesse Plemons, will enter Walt’s world this season.

2.) Heading Out Of Albuquerque.

Gilligan didn’t reveal too much about the change in location but he did say that Breaking Bad fans can expect some German subtitles in future episodes.

Gilligan said:

“You’re going to read more subtitles in German than Spanish this season… Whether it’s an evil empire or just certain executives remains to be seen… But it’ll take us to Hamburg, Germany. More than that I shouldn’t say.”

3.) Walter White’s Ego Is Taking Over

At the beginning of Breaking Bad, Walter White was a man in a corner. He had limited choices and was, more or less, forced into cooking meth. Now, Walt is the one who knocks.

Cranston said:

“He’s accepted who he is and what he wants and he’s actually OK with that… Because his ego has come into play, he’s embracing that and not apologizing for it. It’s achievement and recognition, and word of mouth that he is the best in the whole country and maybe in the world.”

4.) Mike And Hank

Walter White may have won at the end of season four but there are still a few dangers lurking around his world. Mike, Gus Fring’s right hand man, is probably a little ticked off about his employer’s death.

Walter also has to worry about his DEA brother Hank. Hank spent searching for Heisenberg during season four and with Gus Fring’s death, that search seemingly comes to a close. But Walt’s a smart guy, and judging by a few Breaking Bad trailers he’s still on the hunt for Heisenberg.

Dean Norris said:

“(Hank) was right about Gus Fring, which makes him a hero and “the man” at the DEA. But I still think he knows zero about Walt. It’s so impossible in his mind that this could be the case. Walt is Hank’s family. He not that “kind of guy.” Hank has always thought of Walt as this milquetoast guy. It’s going to be fun for him to find out the truth – whenever that may be.”

5.) Shit is going to get crazy.

When asked about season five, Vince Gilligan said: “You can look forward to even more crazy shit! We’re definitely going to see Walt winning more, and the question of season five is what does it take to stay at the top?”

Aaron Paul adds that Walter White has spent the first four seasons “breaking bad.” Now he’s the baddest man on the show and he’s only going to get worse.

Paul said:

“You never know anyone’s fate on this show… but we know it’s not going to end pretty. The countdown is on. It’s a bloodbath, I’ll tell you that. It’s brutal. Each season, Vince keeps pushing the envelope with darker and darker stories. But we’re not being dark for the sake of being dark. We’re trying to tell an honest story. And all these actions have circumstances the characters have to deal with. It gets very heavy and very dirty this season, like nothing we’ve seen before.”

The fifth season of Breaking Bad premieres tonight on AMC. Dish Network subscribers, who lost AMC earlier this month, can watch the show live on If you need to get caught up on the show before the premiere, Netflix just added season four to its online streaming library.