Anonymous Takes Aim At Pro-Rape Group Return Of Kings

The misogynistic pro-rape group Return of Kings canceled plans to host rallies around the world after receiving widespread criticism, but that hasn't stopped Anonymous from taking aim at its leader.

Pro-rape blogger Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V, tweeted a warning to his Return of Kings followers, known as "tribesmen," on Wednesday that the hacktivist group Anonymous was coming to get them, according to SFGate. The tweet has since been deleted.

"Heads up to all forum members: change your emails immediately. Hacking group that works for media is incoming."

Changing tribesmen emails wasn't enough to stop Anonymous. The hacker group posted a massive list of personal information on Valizadeh, his family, his three websites, internet forum, and pro-rape blog Return of Kings.

"#‎Anonymous has now finished with DARYUSH VALIZADEHMission Accomplished!However, should you come out of your Mummy's basement and start your rape bragging and rape crap again, you can..Expect Us!"

Valizadeh first responded to the Anonymous threat by insisting the Return of Kings pro-rape meetups would go on as planned.

"Meetup day will not be cancelled. If all my sites get taken down then i will operate on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram."

After his personal information and that of his family was exposed, however, Valizadeh was singing a different tune.

"Anonymous doxxed my family's address. Whatever I've done in life, they don't deserve to be harassed or harmed."

Valizadeh cancelled meetup day, and his Return of Kings blog cites safety concerns as the reason for the cancelation.

The threats from Anonymous came as groups around the world prepared to protest Valizadeh and his Return of Kings pro-rape supporters, including Toronto Newsgirls, a women's boxing club, reports the Cut.

"The photos of us will show women that being powerful is an option."

Valizadeh is the head of a misogynist cult advocating the legalization of rape. He promotes his radical views on his website Return of Kings, where he has an audience of some two million views a month. His Twitter and Facebook accounts bring in an another 13,000 followers, while his forums add another 19,000, according to the Washington Post.

Internet personality Roosh V advocates for his pro-rape group Return of Kings.

The 165 planned pro-rape meetups, scheduled for Saturday, scandalized people from around the world and sent shivers through the feminist community, but some people think the whole thing was a publicity stunt designed to draw attention to Return of Kings.

Caitlin Dewey, writing for the Washington Post, contacted several civil rights activists who argue that Valizadeh's worldwide pro-rape movement really consisted of a few "neomasculines" hiding behind their keyboards.

Heidi Beirich, the director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told the Washington Post Valizadeh's pro-rape message constituted hate speech, but he may not have had a large following.

"We only count real organizations as hate groups... he's a guy with a blog."

If that's true, the publicity that Valizadeh's proposed pro-rape meet ups received certainly helped get his message out. Since his announcement early this week, Valizadeh and his Return of Kings blog have gone from relative obscurity to become a worldwide household name.

The Washington Post article must have hit a chord with the pro-rape misogynist prophet, as he felt it necessary to respond on Twitter almost immediately.

"To state for the record: the meetups were real. They weren't a promo stunt. Though I don't know how many people would arrive to each one."

Whether the whole thing was a promotional stunt or not, one thing is certain: a lot more people know about Valizadeh's outrageous pro-rape ideas than ever before.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]