‘Gilmore Girls’ Spoilers: Matt Czuchry Set To Return For Show Revival, Who Else Is Headed Back To Stars Hollow?

Gilmore Girls is coming back for a short revival on Netflix, and fans cannot wait to see this come together. Most of the core characters will be incorporated into the four-part return, and now news is out confirming one additional fan-favorite character who will be back. What Gilmore Girls spoilers have come out so far about the show’s return?

Naturally, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are back as Rory and Lorelai, and Scott Patterson is returning as Luke. Kelly Bishop has signed on as Lorelei’s grandmother as well. Unfortunately, Gilmore Girls will have to carry on without Lorelei’s father, Richard, as actor Edward Hermann passed away in 2014. Now, TVLine shares that Matt Czuchry, who played Logan, will be back to some extent as well.

Czuchry is currently staying pretty busy as Cary Agos on The Good Wife, but it seems he is game to step back into the character of Logan for a brief run. At this point, Gilmore Girls spoilers have not revealed how much viewers will see of Logan in the Netflix revival. The last that fans saw of Logan, Rory had rejected his marriage proposal, and he headed off to California.

Gilmore Girls: Seasons has just started shooting, and original show creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino are back to pull this one together. Those who were fans of the original know that Amy and Daniel left the show before the last season over a contract dispute, and Amy had always envisioned how the show would end.

Although this revival skips ahead eight years or so from where it left off, it is said that Amy will now be able to end the show just as she originally planned, as she has always teased that she knew the very last four words and the final scene that she would put forth. Although she had been asked about those mysterious four words many times, Sherman-Palladino never shared them with anybody publicly, just in case she had the opportunity to finally put the scene together.

This Gilmore Girls return will consist of four 90-minute episodes on Netflix, with each episode covering one season over the course of a year. Others already confirmed to be back for the revival include Yanic Truesdale, who played Michel, Sean Gunn who was Kirk, and Keiko Agena, who plays the character of Lane. Is it believed that Liza Weil, who played Paris, will be back to some extent as well.

According to TV Guide, viewers will also get a bit of both Milo Ventimiglia as Jess and Jared Padalecki’s Dean in the show’s return. However, it doesn’t seem that official announcements have been made about Padalecki or Ventimiglia appearing in the new Netflix show so things seem a bit up in the air in that regard. In addition, Sherman-Palladino did note that there might be a hiccup in bringing one of the guys back, so fans will have to stay tuned for a bit for confirmation on these potential returns.

The one core character who seemingly has not been signed is Melissa McCarthy, who played Sookie. Gilmore Girls fans are still hoping McCarthy can make an appearance, although there are some interesting tidbits floating around on this front. Sherman-Palladino shared with TVLine that she hoped Melissa would join the group, indicating that she told Melissa’s team she’d love to have the actress for at least a cameo.

However, McCarthy took to Twitter to share that she had not been asked to be a part of the show, but she wishes them all the best. Will the two teams connect and find a way to incorporate Sookie into the Gilmore Girls revival as fans hope, or will that be one original and central character who is left out of the mix?

Those involved in this four-part return say that fans are going to be very happy with what has been put together. People have been clamoring for some sort of revival, reboot or movie since the original series wrapped and it sounds as if it is being done the right way. Although Netflix has not yet detailed a premiere date, fans are excited to see what lies ahead. How are you hoping things go when Lorelai and Rory return in this Gilmore Girls: Seasons revival?

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