Tenley Molzahn Of ‘The Bachelor’ Reveals She Has Found Love, Says He Is The One

Tenley Molzahn is a fan favorite from The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad. Everyone thought that she would end up with Kiptyn Locke in the end, but he has moved on, and now word is that Tenley has done the same. Bustle shared that Tenley Molzahn has found love with someone else, and she even thinks that this guy is the one she will end up spending the rest of her life with, so no more Bachelor shows for Tenley Molzahn. Even though she has been spotted spending a lot of time with people who were on the show, the guy Tenley is dating is not someone from the franchise.

Tenley Molzahn shared details about the new man in her life while on a podcast with Bustle this week.

“I’m going to marry him. He’s so cute… it was the exact right timing. When you know, you know. I’ve been waiting to meet this guy for a long time.”

Tenley and her new man haven’t been together for very long though. They met through a mutual friend who goes to church with her new guy and have only been dating for three weeks. Tenley thinks he is the one for sure though. Sometimes when you find the perfect person, you just know and Tenley knows this time. Tenley Molzahn didn’t get an invite to Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding, but she shared that it was worth it because of how things are going with her new man.

“There was a reason why I wasn’t supposed to be at that wedding. I ended up having the best second date of my life.”

Tenley Molzahn knows that she has a big fan base, and they want to know who the new guy in her life is. However, she isn’t sure that he wants to become public just yet. If you watch Tenley on Snapchat, she said that she has shared a photo of him in the past, but these pics go away. You can’t go to her Snapchat and find it now unless someone took a screen shot of it. Eventually, Tenley will share who the man is she found love with, and her fans can’t wait to hear it.

After Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn split, he moved on to a new girlfriend and even has a new baby boy. Us Magazine shared that Tenley has revealed that she has met Kiptyn’s new girlfriend, and she thinks that she is wonderful. Tenley called her “wonderful” and at the time revealed why she joined Bachelor in Paradise one more time.

“I hung onto that relationship for a long time. It was something very special to me… There were a lot of pieces of me that developed, I guess. When the opportunity came up, I was very single. I was already… my heart was healed and ready to move forward.”

Don’t expect to see Tenley Molzahn back this summer on the show again. Hopefully, by then, she will have shared who the man is in her life. Fans really can’t wait to get all the details and hope that Tenley has found the perfect match for her.

Are you surprised to hear that Tenley Molzahn has found love with someone who wasn’t on the show? Do you think that she has found her match? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Ben Higgins try to find love on The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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