Qaw’mane Wilson Dead? Hoax Claims That Rapper Young Q.C. Was Raped And Killed In Prison

Qaw’mane Wilson is not dead, despite widespread internet rumors that the rapper known as Young Q.C. was stabbed to death in prison.

Reports circulated this week that Young Q.C. was attacked in the shower at the Cook County Jail, where other inmates reportedly raped and stabbed him. Qaw’mane Wilson has been in jail awaiting trial for allegedly orchestrating a 2012 robbery that led to the death of his mother, 45-year-old Yolanda Holmes.

A report from Channel Hip Hop claimed that Qaw’mane Wilson was dead after a particularly brutal attack.

“Rapper Young QC aka Qawmane Wilson Who was involved in the brutal slaying of his own mother that took place in 2012 for insurance money, Was found laying face down naked in the shower with stab wounds all over his body.According to reports, deputy Swanson was doing head count when Wilson came up missing. Upon searching the unit Qawmane Wilson was found in the shower in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds in the chest and upper torso, Wilson was sexual assaulted before they stabbed him to death. An outgoing investigation is underway, Authorities believe it’s gang-related.”

Qaw’mane Wilson was all over the news in 2013, when he was arrested and accused of murdering his mother in what prosecutors described as a ploy to gain her life insurance money. At the time of her death and funeral, family members had noted that Wilson seemed cold and detached about her death.

“He just seemed a little distant. He didn’t seem devastated,” said Zion Banks, Holmes’ first cousin and the spokeswoman for the family, in an interview with DNAinfo. “But looking back now, it’s more suspicious.”

Friends said Qaw’mane Wilson then started showing off his newfound wealth, even throwing stacks of money to fans in a YouTube video.

The report noted the following.

“While Wilson was known as a flashy guy before his mother died, his tastes grew noticeably more luxurious after she was murdered, according to his friends, former classmates, relatives and friends of his mother.

“One week after Holmes’ death, Wilson liquidated his mother’s bank accounts, collecting more than $90,000. He also was the beneficiary of two of her life insurance policies, authorities allege in court documents.”

Friends said Wilson’s mother tried to protect him and keep him from falling into a bad crowd. Qaw’mane’s father, Jeffrey Todd Wilson, is serving a life sentence in Illinois after he was convicted of setting fire to an apartment building in retribution for a drug dealer who refused to pay him a “street tax.” Two low level crack house workers were killed in the fire, DNAinfo reported.

The rumor claiming that Young Q.C. was killed in prison follows a number of other death hoaxes targeting celebrities. Many originate from shadowy news sites, some designed solely to spread false news stories that sometimes go viral online. These often target big-name celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman, which makes the death hoax targeting Qaw’mane Wilson a bit more odd.

But given the response of readers, the person who started the hoax may have known what he or she was doing. Many praised his death, making the story go viral that much quicker.

This was not the first time that a hoax circulated claiming that Qaw’mane Wilson was dead. Similar reports circulated in early December claiming that Young Q.C. was stabbed to death in prison. The report this week appears to be a re-hashing of the previous report, or possibly the same exact false story finding a new life.

[Image via Facebook/DNAinfo]