‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s Predicament Grows More Dangerous, Hayden Scrambles, And Lulu And Dante Work On Adjusting

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Thursday’s episode will be a big one. As viewers saw earlier this week, Sam is in a dangerous position in the basement of Elizabeth’s house while Hayden and Nikolas ran off and got married in Las Vegas. Dante and Lulu have signed their divorced papers, and Jake is in the hospital after being hit by a car. Where are things headed in the February 4 episode?

According to We Love Soaps, Sam will be hallucinating as she lies in the basement of Elizabeth’s house. She will have a vision of Jason, seemingly thinking that he has found her, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will spark some flashbacks for her. Sam is facing a dire situation here, because Liz’s house will soon be on fire as Sam is still in the basement. Will Jason be the one to save her?

Hayden and Nikolas got married in Las Vegas on Tuesday’s show, but as they were celebrating, a man saw Hayden and called her Rachel. While viewers have already heard Tracy call her this name too, it’s clear that this man knows who she is. However, General Hospital spoilers detail that she will try to tell him that she is not who he thinks she is.

In fact, it would appear that Hayden gets a private moment to talk with this man and she is not friendly, as she tells him that he needs to understand that she is not who he thinks she is. Just who is this mysterious Rachel and what is her connection to Nikolas and Port Charles? GH fans have been buzzing about this, but so far, there is still quite a bit of mystery around Hayden’s real identity and her past.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nikolas will catch just enough of this conversation to get a bit suspicious. He will be asking Hayden some questions, but she will surely scramble and cover just enough to convince Nik there is nothing to worry about. This will most certainly blow up on Hayden soon, and viewers are curious to see just where this is headed.

Thursday’s show also brings some drama related to Lulu, Dante, Dillon, and Valerie. While Dante and Lulu conceded that they could not repair their marriage, there are still clearly plenty of strong feelings between them. General Hospital spoilers share that Dante will be talking to Maxie and Nathan in this episode, discussing how he and Lulu will get used to the idea of being divorced.

At the same time, there is a chat between Lulu and Dillon where she says that they cannot go on like this. Just what does she mean by this? Dillon has quite the thing for Lulu and has made sure to be right by her side throughout her struggles, but so far, she has rejected his advances and things have been difficult between them. Will she give romance a shot with him or push him away further? General Hospital spoilers tease that she may be looking to repair their friendship as she adjusts to her divorce.

As for Valerie, she will be playing some pool with Curtis, and apparently things get a bit flirtatious. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will spark some feelings of jealousy in Dante. Will Dante try to renew his romance with Valerie now that he is officially divorced from Lulu?

Also ahead on Thursday’s show, Cameron will visit Elizabeth at the hospital and want to check in on Jake. In addition, Liz and Jason will get an update on Jake’s condition, but teasers indicate that there is some sort of complication ahead for Jake. There is said to be plenty more action on the way yet this week, and General Hospital fans will not want to miss the drama still on the way.

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