Fiverr Offers Users A Chance To Rake In Hundreds Of Extra Dollars Per Month As Some Sellers Top Six Figures

Jinger Jarrett

Fiverr was named the number one Israeli start-up for 2016 by the Geek Awards. For those who don't know what this site is, it's a website that allows users to sell their products or services for $5 each. With the updates to the site, users may now offer upsells to their offers in order to earn additional income. Although Fiverr users have an opportunity to earn a few hundred dollars each month, some sellers are cashing in really big and earning six figure incomes from their sales on this site.

The New York Daily News reported on several Fiverr sellers who are now earning six-figure incomes from Fiverr. Linnea Sage, 27, said she made a six-figure income two years in a row. She started in 2011 by putting up a gig to do voice overs. She said that she heard about the site by chance when she was carpooling to a wedding.

We're proud to announce Fiverr was named #1 Israeli #Startup by @geektime!

— Fiverr (@fiverr) February 2, 2016

Fiverr sellers are allowed to set their own number of gigs on the site, and eventually, Fiverr plans to allow users to set their own prices on the site. While Fiverr keeps $1 out of every $5, Sage said that she still made enough money from her project to make it worth her while. She now spends 20 hours a week fulfilling the 40 to 60 gigs she gets each day.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some ways of making money online are better than others. Choosing the right opportunity is important, as well as considering the skills you have to make money. Although there are many more traditional ways to make money offline, the way to make money these days is to get started online. Sites like Fiverr allow users to make money without having to build a website, and sellers can get started in as little as a few hours.

Fiverr now has active buyers and sellers in over 190 countries, and the site is home to over 25 million transactions. Super seller Redd Horrocks, who started after Sage in 2012, said that she was initially introduced to the site as a buyer. Although she said it was slow at first, by 2014 she was having to choose between her full-time job as a stage manager and her home business with Fiverr.

"So I decided to try it and see what would happen. It was slow at first and then I kept moving up in the ranks and then it got to the point where I had to choose between this and my full-time job. This year, I stand to make about $120,000 if my projections turn out accurate."

— Fiverr (@fiverr) January 30, 2016

Horrocks, like Sage, does voice work too and went full time in 2014. She says she now puts in about 35 hours per week and fulfills about 200 orders during that time. Her gigs at Fiverr have helped her become the sole breadwinner in her family, make a downpayment on a home, and pay off all her debts.

Even if you're only interested in earning a few hundred dollars in your spare time to make ends meet, Click 2 Houston said that there were seven simple jobs that would help you make money, including Fiverr. They interviewed several people who were making money based on their interests.

Dog walkers earned around $20 for a half hour of time. Amazon Flex offered users an opportunity to earn money delivering packages to those who lived nearby while one user made between $30 to $60 per hour making monkey balloons. For parents, it's an opportunity to turn their experience with parties and other things they do with their children into cold hard cash. Fiverr offered additional opportunities doing different tasks like proofreading and logo making.

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