Val Mercado Pictures: See Photos Of The 23-Year-Old ‘Kylie Jenner Look-Alike’ Allegedly Hooking Up With Tyga

Val Mercado has allegedly been hooking up with Tyga, and photos from the 23-year-old’s Instagram account have some people dubbing her a “Kylie Jenner look-alike.”

Tyga was caught having some flirty interactions with Mercado on Instagram lately, leading to new rumors that the rapper is cheating on his on-again off-again girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Photos surfaced of Tyga and Val Mercado hanging on back on January 21, and now there are rumors that they hooked up again.

DuJour Magazine interviewed Tyga back in January, and the ensuing report made it clear that there was something going on between him and Val Mercado.

Val Mercado is reportedly hooking up with Tyga. [Image via Instagram]“The girl’s hair is matted and slept-on, the extension tape visible from the back, and she taps her toe nervously while awaiting her ride,” the report noted. “She is clearly wearing last night’s shorts. But she is not actually Kylie Jenner, and therein lies the problem. Tyga, arguably more famous at this point for being Jenner’s controversial on-off boyfriend than for his music career, refuses to discuss his personal life—a point his publicist took pains to assert. So leaving a random, scantily clad ladyfriend on your doorstep in the rain, right when the media is scheduled to arrive, seems like gutsy optics. Or at least an argument for buying a day planner.”

Val Mercado is known as an Instagram model, sharing many racy pictures and gathering a following of more than 1 million followers.

Val Mercado allegedly hooking up with Tyga [Image via Instagram]Val Mercado is not the only young model to be connected to Tyga. Back in early January, reports indicated that he and 23-year-old Annalu Cardoso had been hooking up. He was also caught in what appeared to be an inappropriate exchange with Molly O’Malia, a 14-year-old model.

O’Malia claimed that Tyga sent her inappropriate text messages, leading her to break off contact.

“The truth is that Tyga contacted me first. He direct messaged me on Instagram. I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me,” she said in a statement, via the Daily Beast. “I thought that it could possibly be about my music, but he did not mention that in his initial communication with me. I thought that was strange, but I was thinking he would bring that up in his next message to me. However, he didn’t mention it in the next message.”

Despite the media reports connecting the pair and evidence of Tyga commenting on Val Mercado’s Instagram pictures, the model denies that anything is happening with Tyga.

As HipHollywood explains.

“Tyga and Val were also photographed together last month in a parking garage sparking rumors of a secret romance, but according to Val, the two are just friends. Asked by an IG follower if she was ‘f****ng Tyga,’ Mercado shot back, ‘He’s like my lil bro. WTF.’ Which makes absolutely no sense considering she’s 23 and Tyga is 26.”

The most recent reports claim that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are still together, though Hollywood Life noted that they haven’t been photographed together in about a week. Their relationship has weathered plenty of turbulent times lately, including past rumors that Tyga had been cheating and a rumored breakup over the Thanksgiving weekend that didn’t last very long.

Aside from the cheating allegations, the relationship between Tyga and Kylie Jenner has been surrounded by controversy, including the period when Kylie was underage and they were reportedly (though unofficially) together. There have also been rumors that the two created an extensive sex tape collection and were looking to sell some of these for an eight-figure sum.

More photos of Val Mercado — along with some evidence of her online interactions with Tyga — can be seen here.

[Image via Instagram]