WWE Rumors: Four ‘Wrestlemania’ Matches Taking Shape

Wrestlemania 32 is exactly two months away, and the top of the card is finally starting to take shape. Injuries and failed storylines have forced the WWE to scramble in recent months, and the main events remain a mystery. Nothing is set in stone, and cards are always subject to change, but here are the current top four matches rumored to be booked for Wrestlemania on April 3, in Dallas, Texas, according to Wrestlezone.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

This seems to be firmly set in place to close out Wrestlemania, and it’s the match most dirt sheets and rumor mills agree will happen. The lone problem remains whether WWE can book Reigns to look like the hero they hope he’ll be. It appears they are planning on stacking this match with as much star power as possible in order to do so. Vince McMahon will be in the corner of his son-in-law Triple H, with The Rock set to stand in the corner of his cousin, Roman Reigns. As if that weren’t enough, WWE is courting Shawn Michaels to play the role of special guest referee, a spot we now know Vince originally offered to Batista, who respectfully declined.

Triple H Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

The seeds have already been planted for this Wrestlemania showdown. The Wyatt Family eliminated Lesnar from the Royal Rumble, costing The Beast the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They also attacked him on the go-home show of Monday Night Raw a week before the Rumble. Lesnar has since been booked in the main event of Fastlane, competing against Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match to determine Triple H’s opponent for Wrestlemania. Smart money would suggest that Wyatt and his family will cost Lesnar the match at Fastlane to officially set up their clash in Dallas.

Brock Lesnar Bray Wyatt

The Undertaker vs Braun Strowman

This one has provided the most debate both in and out of WWE circles. Some reports say it’s happening, while others say it’s not. The Deadman’s Wrestlemania options are wearing thin, and Vince appears enamored enough with Strowman to insert him into this spotlight. While there’s a chance he could gain a major rub, the flip side is that he ends up like Giant Gonzalez, Undertaker’s Wrestlemania 9 opponent. If John Cena and Sting aren’t cleared to compete, then a young superstar might be the only answer, but it seems most fans would prefer that young superstar be Kevin Owens or even Ambrose.

Braun Strowman Undertaker

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks – Diva’s Championship

It appears Charlotte and Brie Bella will settle a score first while Becky and Sasha deal with Naomi and Tamina. Once the dust settles there, a triple threat match for the championship will see this Diva’s revolution come full circle at Wrestlemania. The fact that this match is one of only four rumored to be booked on the card already goes to show how invested WWE is in the division. It’s just a shame Paige may not be involved.

Again, none of these have been confirmed and plans can always change leading up to Wrestlemania 32. Notable names missing from these rumored matches include Chris Jericho and AJ Styles, as well as Owens and Ambrose. Y2J and Styles are mired in a mini-feud, which will see a second match take place next week on Smackdown! and could culminate at Fastlane. Ambrose, of course, is in the main event at Fastlane, and Owens still finds himself trading wins with Dolph Ziggler.

Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year, but the uncertainty surrounding the build-up has been a cause for concern among the WWE Universe. We’ll see how it shapes up and whether these rumored matches do actually take place.

[Image via WWE]