Demi Lovato Slams Instagram Hater Over Nick Jonas — ‘At Least I’m On The Charts’

Demi Lovato is allegedly slamming an Instagram hater who claimed her friendship with Nick Jonas is “fake,” and accused Lovato’s manager and team of not properly promoting her and her music.

Lovato’s latest Instagram drama began after Demi told Complex that her long-time friend, Nick Jonas, “inspires” her, and even described Nick as being like her “twin brother.”

“He’s so driven and it inspires me to work harder as an artist. To every last detail, Nick will work and work on a song or idea until it’s perfect,” Lovato told Complex earlier this month. “So not only I am thankful to have him basically as my twin brother but also to have him involved in my career and as a brilliant business partner as well,” Demi said.

But it turns out Lovato’s remarks about the former Jonas Brother didn’t sit so well with one of her own fans, who took to Instagram to post a screenshot of Demi’s comments with a pretty scathing evaluation of their friendship and Lovato’s team’s efforts in promoting her recent music.

Nick Jonas inspires you to be a better artist??¿¿¿ Nick¿?¿?¿ Jonas¿?¿???¿,” Instagram user @holy_dilmer wrote. “Maybe if your manager focused on promoting you and stopped making you say s*** like this and shoving your fake a** friendship down our throats you’d still be on the charts @ddlovato #demilovato #nickjonas #CanScooterPleaseHelpHer.”

Demi Lovato then allegedly hit back at the remarks in the comments section, slamming the fan and defending her chart positions (Demi’s most recent single, “Confident,” peaked just outside of the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100).

“You know nothing,” Lovato allegedly commented on Instagram, according to a screen shot captured by Teen Vogue. “I may not be the highest on the charts but at least I’m still on them,” Demi continued.

The fan then took to the photo sharing site again to apologize to Demi following her pretty scathing remarks in a separate post, claiming that a number of Demi’s fans are less than pleased by the recent efforts of Lovato’s management team.

“Hey queen, no hard feelings. @ddlovato,” the social media user wrote to Demi. “That’s how we all feel about your team, you only noticed me because I got lucky. You don’t have to sass me to prove my point.”

“I’m happy you’re happy and content though,” Lovato’s fan continued, which served as the caption to a pretty lengthy message directed at Demi that read in part “your team is trash and you deserve better.”

“If you don’t want to be a chart topper that’s fine,” the fan added, “at least you’re talented. #demilovato”

But this certianly isn’t the first time things have gotten a little controversial between Demi and a fellow Instagram user on the popular social media site in the past few months.

Just weeks ago Instagram user @real_and_raw supposedly called Lovato a “bad role model” in the comments section of a photo Demi posted of herself campaigning with Hillary Clinton. “I think if we support people like Demi supporting people like Hilary we no better” the user wrote, alongside the hashtag “#unfollowDemiLovato.”

Lovato then hit back at the comments on the social media site by replying “bye b****” before getting pretty political in a separate comment and writing “Half of y’all are 13 and just repeating whatever your parents say.”

Demi Lovato then allegedly took the opportunity to slam Presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Instagram, writing “our country would be the laughing stock of the WORLD if Trump won.”

What do you think about Demi Lovato’s recent Instagram controversy?

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

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