‘Suits’ Season 5 Rumor Round-up — Mike And Rachel Having A Shotgun Wedding? Who Framed Mike And Harvey?

When Suits aired its midseason finale last summer, it took a shockingly unorthodox approach that most shows wouldn’t dare attempt to do. But creator Aaron Korsh knew that Suits wasn’t one of those shows and stunned fans by having Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) arrested for something he is actually guilty of — conspiracy to commit fraud. It was a move that not only shocked fans but also surprised Adams.

“I’d known since the beginning of the season that this was where we were sort-of headed. I didn’t know how we were gonna get there or what it was going to look like, so the final script was a nice surprise. I loved that it didn’t happen until the final moments. I thought it was a great payoff,” Adams shared with E! News.

The show also picks up right where it left off, so fans won’t see any time jumps or anything of that nature.

“There’s so much interesting stuff that happens literally after the moment you get put in handcuffs…So, really, you’re going to get to see six straight episodes of them defending themselves. That’s the most interesting part of it, I think,” Adams added in the same interview with E! News.

Gabriel Macht plays Havey Specter on Suits [Image via USA]
Gabriel Macht plays Havey Specter on Suits [Image via USA]

But with Anita Gibb’s (Leslie Hope) determination to put Mike behind bars for good, it isn’t clear yet how the fifth season will play out or when viewers will find out who framed Mike. However, the Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh, who gave his take on the aforementioned questions, along with the list of guest stars and whether a trial will be up and running by the end of the season.

“Anybody that’s coming back could have been the person that turned Mike in,” Korsh said in the interview.

He also went on to add that a lot of people coming back also have nothing to do with who turned Mike in. So it’s still anybody’s guess as to who the guilty party is.

However, TVLine also had a crack at Aaron Korsh and asked him about when fans will find out who turned Mike in.

Korsh gave a short but exciting answer, “We will find that out relatively soon after [the premiere].”

Will Harvey find himself in trouble along with Mike? [Image via USA]
Will Harvey find himself in trouble along with Mike? [Image via USA]

He did share that this case will be going to trial, no settlement out of court here though he left out whether a verdict would be reached by the end of the season finale.

Fans have also been curious about the relationship between Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike now that Mike has been arrested and about a possible shotgun wedding and using the marriage to provide Rachel with spousal privilege once the trial comes into play.

Will Mike and Rachel get married to help save her from prosecution? [Image via USA]
Will Mike and Rachel get married to help save her from prosecution? [Image via USA]

“You’ll get to see what it really costs two people when they’re alone in a room together, having to deal with their feelings about what’s going on and the best way to deal with it,” Adams said, according to E! News, who also did a separate interview with Markle.

“So between that, her own career aspirations and, just by association, what that would do for her goals of wanting to be a lawyer and wanting to succeed in that way, she’s literally putting every single thing on the line for Mike,” Markle stated to E! News. “So, if there’s anyone sitting through those trials with bated breath, I think that Rachel has to most to lose of anyone if Mike is found guilty.”

As for the wedding, Markle had this to say when asked if the idea of a shotgun wedding in order to give Rachel spousal privilege might come into play, “Yes, it certainly does.”

Cue the wedding bells.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

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