‘Suits’ Season 5 Finale: Meghan Markle Says Mike Has A ‘Really Heavy Decision To Make’ [Preview]

With the Season 5 summer finale of Suits just around the corner, all eyes will be on Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) as the two decide on their future with the firm. With that in mind, executive producer Aaron Korsh recently discussed what is in store for the characters in the highly anticipated finale.

“The focus of the episode is very much on the backstories of both Harvey and Mike influencing their decisions and what they’re going to do moving forward,” Korsh revealed to TV Line.

With Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) and Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) working to take control over the firm, both Harvey and Mike are considering quitting to save the business. As the two contemplate the consequences of their departure, both will be influenced by past memories as they decide what to do.

“[We wanted] to have Mike and Harvey each grappling with this huge decision of whether they should stay or go… We had been wanting to explore Harvey and his mom stuff from the beginning of the year… With Mike, I don’t 100 percent remember how the idea of the priest came out, but it was a way to give him someone that he knew his whole life, who’s still alive, [who] he can go and talk to them about the thing, but the person didn’t know what he’d been doing.”

At the same time, Mike is also dealing with his upcoming wedding with Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle). With Mike’s secrets threatening to destroy both his professional and personal relationships, Markle discussed what’s ahead for her character with the Hollywood Reporter.

“Mike Ross has a really heavy decision to make and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Not just in this moment but really in the life of their relationship… Rachel is really making a bold statement in how much she is standing by her man. All I will say is, I really hope she doesn’t end up heartbroken in whatever capacity that may be.”

Despite what might happen between her and Mike, Markle stated that Rachel will try her best to work things out.

“She wants to see this through with Mike. She is the ultimate overachiever. Could it come to a head again at some point? I imagine that it probably would. But I could also see Rachel fighting to the death to make all of it work because that’s just who we’ve always known her to be.”

The Season 5 summer finale of Suits, “Faith,” airs August 26 on USA Network. Check out a preview below.

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