Madonna Personally Insulted By Lee Daniels’ Legal Team After She Defends Sean Penn

As Elton John, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and countless others have learned, a great way to get attention for yourself is to insult Madonna. It’s not that Madonna is beyond reproach, but the fact she is used so much as a target for people’s self-loathing and insecurities makes it hard to see when she actually is at fault.

The Hollywood Reporter reported in December that Madonna signed a declaration of oath that she was never assaulted by Sean Penn, despite all the rumors. Madonna’s ex is suing Lee Daniels for claiming, in an interview, that Terrance Howard was being treated unfairly because Penn engaged in domestic violence as well (referring to Madonna).

“In her declaration, Madonna addresses two incidents that frequently come up in the media — one in 1987, another in 1989 — and denies she was struck by a baseball bat, tied up or physically assaulted,” the article claims.

Madonna Rebel Heart Madonna denies ever being abused by Sean Penn. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]In her declaration, Madonna addresses two incidents — one from 1987 in which she was allegedly struck with a baseball bat and another, in December of 1988 (the documents mistakenly refer to it as December of 1989), when she was allegedly tied up and assaulted before Madonna ran to the police station. Madonna says that these events didn’t happen.

It is assumed that Madonna never addressed what happened on December of 1988 and, if she is telling the truth now, let a rumor get way out of hand. However, that assumption is completely false. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna addressed the allegations when promoting her new album Like a Prayer in 1989. She was asked how accurate the rumors were.

“Extremely inaccurate, as they usually are. They made it all up. But I expect it. They’re always making shit up. I’ve completely reconciled myself to that fact,” Madonna explained.

Well, apparently, that’s not good enough for Lee Daniels and his legal team. Madonna has never said anything negative about Lee Daniels, but he and his legal team released a statement that some may consider unprofessional.

“The Immaterial Girl’s Declaration expresses Madonna’s attitude toward the truth of the Challenged Statement as of October 7, 2015 (9,768 days after the media first reported that she was ‘trussed up like a turkey’ by Penn), but it says absolutely nothing about Daniels’ attitude toward the truth or falsity of the Challenged Statement at the time he uttered his opinion”

It’s an interesting choice of words; they could have addressed Madonna’s statement without resorting to name calling. You would think that a legal team would do a Google search before they make a statement; it’s obvious Madonna did address the situation. Since there was no social media back then, it’s easy why people forgot about Madonna’s Rolling Stone interview.

Madonna Sean Penn Madonna has introduced her kids to Sean Penn. [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]It’s also important to note that Madonna and Sean Penn weren’t friendly again until the late 2000s. Sean Penn was the last person on Madonna’s mind, especially since she remarried. Nobody should have expected Madonna to come out and say, “Well, gee…Sean Penn never abused me!” when promoting an album or a tour.

Still, this may be a tough case for Sean Penn, especially since his interview with El Chapo led to a complete backlash. Besides Madonna, the Daily Beast notes that Sean Penn has a history of alleged abuse with photographers, extras, etc. In the 1980s, his temper made more news than his acting abilities.

Then again, things aren’t looking perfect for Lee Daniels either. Several find it deplorable that he made up excuses for Terrance Howard, who has been charged with domestic violence. Unless Daniels agrees to settle this case with Penn out of court soon, it will go to trial. Lee Daniels could potentially lose a lot of money.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]