‘Black Desert Online’ Officially Dated For March 3, Sign Up For The Final Beta Now

With the final closed beta scheduled for February 18, Black Desert Online is just about ready to release in the west. In fact, developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Daum Games recently announced the official launch date for the gorgeous action-oriented game. North American, European, and Oceanic territories will be able to play Black Desert Online on March 3.

Players eager to get into the world of Black Desert Online can sign up for the second and final closed beta right now. Selected players will be able to download and play the fantasy MMORPG during its closed beta; however, a game purchase will be required to keep playing at launch. Black Desert Online is a buy-to-play game with optional purchases available within the in-game store.


Of course, players looking to pre-order Black Desert Online can guarantee their spot in the final closed beta. Three pre-order packages are available now, and the ones with access to the closed beta will need to be purchased before February 26. Purchasing before that date will ensure players will have access to the final beta in addition to the other items that are included.

The cheapest package is just $30 but does not offer access to the closed beta. A number of coupons, boxes, and skill resets are in the pack in addition to the limited content. The limited content included in the Black Desert Online Traveler’s Pack is only available to pre-orders. An in-game title, family name reservations, character name reservation, an extra character slot, and a 24-hour head start before launch are part of the pack. The two other packages available for pre-order are the Explorer’s Package and the Conqueror’s Package. These packs cost $50 and $100 respectively but offer many more items for the players’ purchase. The latter is only available as a pre-order, too.

Black Desert Online Mounts play an important role in Black Desert Online [Image via Pearl Abyss]The two pricier packs include more coupons, boxes, and skill resets. The reservations are also part of the two more expensive packs alongside more items. A permanent horse whistle, a horse, a pet of the player’s choice, and much more are incorporated. The Conqueror’s Package also offers 2,500 Pearls, a 96-hour head start, exclusive skins, and an exclusive costume. Check out the pre-order page for the full list of options, items, and more.

As the Inquisitr reported, any interested player can download the standalone character creator right now. Players can use the creator to craft their ideal character for use in the upcoming beta or to use when the game launches on March 3. The character creator supports saved creations and they can be imported to the game. Players can also share creations with each other as well.

Black Desert Online An Archer in combat in Black Desert Online [Image via Pearl Abyss]Black Desert Online is already quite popular thanks to the robust character creation kit. Players can create truly unique characters with the game’s numerous tools. Plenty of sliders, wrinkle control, asymmetrical options for eyes, tattoos, a plethora of hair options, and much more give players the opportunity to create some wild avatars. Not to mention, creating a character could win some lucky players access to the beta or other free goodies. The Beauty and the Beast Contest is currently underway. Just signing up with a character will reward players with seven-day costume when the game launches and an in-game title.

Other rewards for the contest include Pearls, the in-game currency for the game’s item shop, Black Desert Online T-shirts, and closed beta access. Five winners of the first place prize will receive the most. A closed beta key, a T-shirt, a Back Spirit Figurine, and 5,000 Pearls will be rewarded to those winner. Twenty players will receive second place prizes and 100 third place winners will be selected. The Beast contest, to create the most hideous characters, ends on February 5.

[Image via Pearl Abyss]