‘Black Desert Online’ Second Closed Beta Dated, Standalone Character Creator Now Available

Black Desert Online, the action-oriented MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, is well on its way to releasing in the west. With one closed beta completed, one more remains as part of the game’s Pre-Order Package program. The second closed beta test is now officially dated, and interested players can also download the Black Desert character creator for free.

The final closed beta is dated for February 18 according to the official Black Desert Online forums. Purchasers of the game’s two more expensive Pre-order Packages are guaranteed access to the closed beta test. Other players interested in beta testing Black Desert Online can sign up for a chance to play when registration opens in February.

Black Desert Online
The Archer in battle in Black Desert Online [Image via Pearl Abyss]
Also, the robust character creator for Black Desert Online is now available to download. The six GB download will give players access to the game’s full character creator giving them a chance to design the perfect character before the game’s release later this year. Characters created with this standalone creator can be saved and imported to the upcoming closed beta as well as to the live game. Created characters can also be shared between friends.

Asymmetrical eye customization, face sliders, tattoo options, wrinkle controls, and a wealth of other features are part of the character creator for Black Desert Online. Although some will revel in the idea of creating monstrosities, the creator gives the player power to create truly unique characters to satisfy anyone’s imagination. Of course, with a character creator so flexible, players are bound to see both incredible monsters and stunning characters.

That idea extends to the game’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast Contest, too. Developers of Black Desert Online plan to host contests for players involving the character creator. Players will a creative eye will have a chance to win things like t-shirts, figurines, and even beta access. Any player that merely enters the upcoming character creator contest will be rewarded an in-game item, too. According to the Beast Contest event page, a seven-day costume and special in-game title will be rewarded to all that enter while chosen winners will receive a varying number of Pearls and beta access at the very least. There will be five first place winners, 20 second place winners, and 100 third place winners in the upcoming contest. The Beast contest starts on January 26 and will conclude on February 5.

Pre-Order Packages for the buy-to-play Black Desert Online are still available now. There are three versions purchasable before the game’s release each with different content. The thriftiest option is the Traveler’s Package at $30. The base game, one limited seven-day guest pass, an Appearance Change Coupon, and other items are included. This package does not include closed beta access, however.

Black Desert Online
The world of Black Desert Online [Image via Pearl Abyss]
As The Inquisitr reported, the two more expensive packages, the Explorer’s Package and the Conqueror’s Package, include access to the final closed beta in addition to early head starts, more extra content, additional character slots, and even exclusive skins. The Explorer’s Package is $50 while the feature-packed Conqueror’s Package is $100. Each package comes with a variety of items, and the Conqueror’s Package comes with the most goodies. That package also includes 2,500 Pearls for use in the in-game store. That is $25 worth of the game’s premium currency. Check out the official pre-order page for the full details on each pack including each pack’s limited pre-order only content.


All Pre-Order Packages come with in-game titles, a family name reservation, a character name reservation, at least a 24-hour head start, and at least one character slot. Items like Housing Décor Coupons, Unknown Dye Boxes, Appearance Change Coupons, Partial Skill Resets, and Steel Toolset Packages are also part of each option.

[Image via Pearl Abyss]