‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes Discusses His Return To The CW Show And A Sad Turn In His Return Episode

Arrow has gained and lost parts of Team Arrow over time. From Sara Lance to Roy Harper, the core team may stay intact, but some of the extras have left. Surprisingly, the CW has kept in non-comic book characters, such as Diggle, but Colton Haynes actually left to do other roles. Along with Green Arrow’s newest villain, Colton Haynes will return as Roy Harper. Comicbook posted a preview clip that gives Arrow fans a quick glimpse at Haynes’ return as Roy Harper.

Haynes wakes up in the new Arrow cave (lair), looking confused and surprised. Team Arrow questions the former Arsenal as to why he has arrived in Star City after his Arrow Season 3 departure, as he took on the Green Arrow persona to clear Oliver Queen of the charge of being the titular character.

Haynes’ Roy Harper explained, “I got made. I was in Hub City. A new life, a new name, everything, and then I got an email.”

Arrow Season 4 Episode 2-3-16
Image Via Arrow Season 4 Screenshot| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized

The email, apparently, has come from the DC Comics villain The Calculator. Obviously, Arrow fans will need to watch the whole episode to see what happens, but this new villain is using Roy to do his bidding. According to IGN, Colton Haynes states it will not be a very warm reunion and something “really sad” happens during the events of this episode.

“It’s really exciting, it’s also really sad towards the end. Something really sad happens. You get to see Roy just be super ecstatic. Not kind of moany-groany like he used to be. He’s super stoked to be back in the fold. He’s getting the hang of things again, kind of picking up pretty quickly. He’s just really happy to be there and actually to work with Oliver and work with the team again. It fits in so cohesively, the way they’ve written the storyline, and it’s just going to make fans excited.”

Haynes did not let the cat out of the bag, but it does bring Arrow fans back to the mysterious grave that no one has been given the slightest answer to. The Inquisitr reported on the Arrow Season 4 midseason premiere, and how it confirmed that Felicity is not the one in the mysterious grave, although many fans were predicting the opposite.

Is Colton Haynes (aka Roy Harper) going to be the resident of the mysterious grave? Well, not so fast, because Haynes says that Arrow fans should expect to see more Roy down the road on the CW show.

Thea Queen in Arrow season 3 finale
Image Via Arrow Season 3 Screenshot| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized

On the next episode of Arrow, his return shows a much different Roy Harper that is returning to Star City from his necessary retirement.

“I come back to help the whole entire team and it’s great because he really takes charge. It’s not just following what everyone else is saying. He really does take charge and do things on his own, which is really cool, which is what he wanted from the get-go. They trust him.”

Arrow, not unlike other CW shows, has a lot of relationship drama going on. There are some fans who have to wonder how Roy Harper’s return to the might affect Thea and her budding relationship with Oliver’s campaign manager. Haynes doesn’t think that is going to be a problem and hopes she is excited to see Roy return.

“She’s going through a lot right now in the show. A lot of stuff is going on with her character and hopefully she’s excited to see Roy again. Hopefully she doesn’t feel threatened.”

However, Arrow fans know better, and it is unlikely that Roy Harper’s return will not have an effect on the entire show. That includes, more specifically, Thea Queen.

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