Shocking NBA Rumor: Is Jimmy Butler The Illegitimate Son Of Michael Jordan?

Is Jimmy Butler the illegitimate love child of Michael Jordan? The shocking rumor about the NBA’s most famous player has been making rounds and as crazy as it sounds, this wouldn’t be the first time someone claimed to be Jordan’s son. Given Jimmy Butler’s striking resemblance to Jordan coupled with his prowess on the court and some very eery coincidences, rumors that Butler might really be Jordan’s son are starting to pick up steam.

Total Pro Sports is making the argument that Butler may be the son of NBA great Michael Jordan based on a mix of his amazing talent and his backstory. An “anonymous tipster” has been sharing information that some believe is proof of Michael Jordan’s paternity. The report claims that “Jordan would not claim [his] unwanted child in 1988 in fear of destroying [his] marriage. [The] child took on mother’s name of Butler. It was reported that he paid mother off so he would not tarnished [sic] his public image & legacy.”

Jimmy Butler has an incredible history of overcoming obstacles that would cripple just about anyone else. ESPN reported in 2011 that Butler even overcame homelessness when his own mother kicked him out at just 13 years old. Jimmy didn’t have a father to run to because he reportedly abandoned the family when Jimmy was just a baby. Is that because Jimmy’s real father is Michael Jordan?

Earlier in the season, Jimmy Butler broke the Chicago Bulls franchise record for most points scored in a half. Previously, that record was held by Michael Jordan. Now an anonymous tipster is claiming that Butler’s talent came honestly because he shares DNA with Jordan.

Jimmy Butler joined the Chicago Bulls in 2011. He was the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft and came off the bench for all 42 games Butler played in his rookie season. Jimmy didn’t even start for the Bulls until halfway through the 2012 season when then-teammate Luol Deng went out on injury in January 2013. By the end of the season, Butler was averaging just over 40 minutes a game and had secured his spot as a real asset to the Chicago Bulls.

The following season, Butler started breaking records and many of them were previously held by Michael Jordan. In January 2014, during a triple-overtime win against the Orlando Magic, Butler set a record for minutes played in one game with a whopping 60 minutes played. In 2015, the Chicago Bulls signed Butler to a five-year, $95 million contract and it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere. Is Butler following in the footsteps of Jordan? The similarities between the two NBA players are almost as uncanny as their similar looks.

The 2015-16 NBA season has been the best by far for Jimmy Butler. The 26-year-old shooting guard broke Michael Jordan’s record for most points scored in a half when he earned 40 points in the second half of their win over the Toronto Raptors on December 9, 2015.

What are the odds that Jimmy Butler is secretly Michael Jordan’s son and being drafted by the Chicago Bulls was no accident? Butler sports the number 21, just two digits off from his rumored father. He’s also breaking a lot of records that Jordan set and is quickly proving to be one of the most important players to the Chicago Bulls in recent years. Not to mention that Jimmy Butler has a shoe deal with Jordan. Is this enough information to question whether Jordan really is Butler’s father or not? So far, no one is questioning whether Jimmy’s mother has ever even met Michael Jordan, but that certainly would have had to happen in order for these shocking NBA rumors to be true.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]