Nicki Minaj: Behind The Scenes Of ‘Pound The Alarm’

Nicki Minaj recently took a trip to her native country of Trinidad to shoot some footage for her upcoming music video, “Pound the Alarm.”

She was willing to share behind the scenes footage of the trip, according to MTV, which includes a clip of the singer walking with a bouquet of flowers while she is greeted by other Trinis, who can be seen screaming and jumping up and down with excitement for Minaj.

She announces directly to the camera that:

“We’re at the ‘Pound the Alarm’ video shoot, in my homeland, where I was born. We’re here baby. Trinidad!”

She also went to Trinidad in 2010 for an MTV documentary, which offered a small glimpse into the world that the rapper, who was born Onika Miraj, grew up in.

Global Grind reports that, while Trinidad’s world-famous Carnival usually takes place in February, Nicki Minaj decided to set up a summer version of the Carnival festival to town for her new video.

While dressed in a traditional Carnival costume, Minaj danced on set while thousands of Trinis came to support her. Nicki stated, surprised that she was dressed in full Carnival garb, that, “I never thought in a million years that I would ever do this.”

Nicki Minaj Pound The Alarm Shoot

MTV reports that she went on to say:

“The last time I came to Trinidad, this was the exact room that I stayed in. This is where we shot “My Time Now” for MTV. My whole family came in.”

She seems emotional throughout the shoot, and the support from her home country is heartwarming. One group of girls can be heard screaming, “We love you Nicki!” and later on in the clip, a young man says, “What’s good Nicki?! Thanks for being in Trinidad. This video is going to be very hot!”

Check out the clip of Nicki Minaj backstage at the filming of “Pound the Alarm” in Trinidad below: