Anti-Girl Scouts Videos Claims The Group Has Ties To Pro-Abortion and Leftist Groups [video]

A three-part anti-Girl Scouts video series by former members claim the Girl Scouts of the USA has ties to pro-abortion and far-left groups. The Girl Scouts videos were co-produced by the Speak Now Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts Why Not groups. The two organizations seek to “spread information about purported liberal bias” within the Girl Scouts organization, The Blaze reports. According to a joint press release by the two anti-Girl Scouts groups reveals that the video series provides an “in-depth look at the facts behind the pro-life concerns, including troubling content in the Journeys curriculum books” and the Girl Scouts’ financial and mission-oriented relationships.

The World Association of Girl Guides is a sister group to the Girl Scouts and is also a focus in the anti-Girl Scouts videos. The anti-Girl Scouts video series includes screen shots from the group’s website, scans of pages of Girl Scouts workbook and tax returns which the producers claim establish a link to pro-abortion “groups and agendas.”

Concerned parent and former Girl Scouts leader Christy Volanski told The Blaze that a Girl Scouts organization book instructed middle school-aged Girl Scouts to visit the Media Matters website to “clear up media misinformation.” The first video in the anti-Girl Scout series features a speech by a former members who details how the official Girl Scout curriculum “exposes girls to abortion rights advocacy groups” and directs the girls through website links to sexual content.”

“It’s basically a response to a lot of families who were wanting to present this information to their families and church members,” she explained. “It was our goal to put together a very solid video and then something that they can print out to look at in detail,” Volanski told The Blaze.

The Girl Scouts of the USA were recently the subject of a review by the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops.