Donald Trump Concession Speech Shows His Gracious Side: Trump Takes High Road In Iowa Defeat By Congratulating Cruz

Donald Trump has proven to followers that he knows how to be a gracious loser. Trump gave a classy concession speech congratulating Ted Cruz for his victory following the Iowa caucuses, which left many dismayed at the boisterous candidate’s trek along the high road of graciousness and class. Trump took the time during his Iowa concession speech to thank Iowa voters for supporting him, and to exclaim that he loves Iowa so much that he may buy a farm there in the future.

The Daily Mail reports that GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump experienced his first loss in his bid for the presidency. Ted Cruz beat out the business mogul to win the state of Iowa in the first primary race of the presidential season. While many expected Trump to be a sore loser as he notoriously claimed that “no one remembers who came in second.”

Donald Trump Iowa Donald Trump and his wife, Melania [Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]However, Trump has showcased a new side of himself to followers as he took to the stage to give a brief concession speech following his Iowa primary loss. The businessman graciously conceded his defeat and noted that he wasn’t giving up the fight to make America great again. In fact, he said he “will win New Hampshire,” and says he is thrilled with the results, as when he began the race, everyone told him he had no chance in Iowa. He says he proved everyone wrong by coming in second in the difficult state, and that he was told from the start he wouldn’t even finish in the top 10.

“On June 16th, when we started this journey, there were 17 candidates. I was told by everybody, ‘Do not go to Iowa, you could never finish even in the top 10’.”

However, Trump says he is so happy he didn’t listen to the dissenters and that he loves Iowa and is “honored” to have done so well in the state.

“And I said, ‘But I have friends in Iowa, I know a lot of people in Iowa. I think they’ll really like me. Let’s give it a shot.’ They said ‘Don’t do it.’ I said ‘I have to do it’. And we finished second, and I want to tell you something: I’m just honored. I’m really honored.”

Donald Trump New Hampshire Win Loser Iowa
Donald Trump's supporters in Iowa were not as enthusiastic as usual Monday night (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

He went on to note that he loved Iowa so much that he knows he will be back in the future and may even buy a farm there.

“We will be back here many, many times. In fact, I think I might come here and buy a farm. I love it!'”

In addition to showing graciousness to the Iowa voters who took to the polls to support him during concerns over weather, Trump also took the high road in regards to the Ted Cruz campaign. Instead of offering his traditional harsh words about the candidate, he congratulated Cruz on his victory and went so far as to congratulate the rest of the GOP candidates as well.

“I want to congratulate Ted. And I want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates.”

Though Trump’s Iowa concession speech was short, it drove home the point that Trump can be a gracious loser and that he isn’t afraid of some loss in his bid for the U.S. presidency. Many people seemed shocked at Trump’s graciousness during his time of loss, with many people congratulating the businessman for taking the high road, noting that though they won’t vote for him, they are impressed by the fact he has shown he is not a sore loser.

So far I’m wrong abt (@ least) 1 thing – last nite #Trump seemed the *gracious* loser. (OTOH my re-re-re-reiterated pt stands:#TrumpWontWin)

— Ira Goldman (@KDbyProxy) February 2, 2016

Do you think Donald Trump’s handling of his first defeat will help him in the long run as it showcases a different side of the notoriously brash business mogul? Do you think Ted Cruz will be able to use his Iowa win to increase his chances of beating Trump in future caucuses and primaries? Let us know your thoughts on Donald Trump’s concession speech in the comments section below.

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