Josh Duggar Refuses To Let Danica Dillon Drop $500,000 Lawsuit While Josh Might Appear Back On TLC [VIDEO]

Things are looking up for Josh Duggar. According to TMZ, Josh Duggar might not only get off the hook from the $500,000 lawsuit that porn star Danica Dillon filed against him, but the reality star is looking to have the stripper pay his legal bills, too.

After failing to provide concrete evidence that Josh Duggar roughed her up during intercourse, Danica Dillon has requested to withdraw her lawsuit against Josh. In documents sent to Josh Duggar’s lawyers, Danica agreed to drop the case, but with a hitch. According to some legal documents, Danica wants the option to refile her battery lawsuit at any time.

Balking at the proposal, Josh Duggar responded that he will only agree to dismiss the case if the stripper agrees to drop the case forever, pay Duggar’s legal bills, and publicly recant her claims that she was allegedly “raped” by Josh. In court documents, Josh provided proof that he had a air-tight alibi for the dates the stripper claimed he roughed her up, which included receipts and airplane tickets showing he was traveling in other states at the time.

Josh also provided proof that, instead of providing the proper evidence that she was assaulted by Duggar, the stripper instead traveled the globe, attending sporting events and taking rides in helicopters in Hawaii. Duggar attorneys submitted the photos as photographic proof over Instagram that she engaged in these activities.

So far, Dillon has not agreed to the terms, and is pressuring Josh to agree to drop the case, pointing out that the reality star is currently being treated for sex addiction, which would not look good in front of a Pennsylvania judge. Josh Duggar and the adult film star were supposed to meet in March to discuss settling the case, a move that seemed a blow for Josh Duggar at the time.

Danica Dillon appeared recently in a Hustler magazine tell-all that revealed intimate details of her time with Josh Duggar, and causing readers to wonder if the $500,000 lawsuit against Josh Duggar was just a grab for cash. According to the stripper, Josh bought $600 worth of lap dances, then requested to spend time with the stripper to the tune of $1,000. Revealing specifically what occurred between her and Josh Duggar, Danica confessed that their first time together Josh called her “worthless” and was very aggressive.

Despite their negative first encounter, Dillon agreed to meet with Duggar again, after he offered her $1,500 (which Dillon claimed in court documents she was never paid). In the Hustler article, Dillon queried whether Josh had “murdered anybody.”

Danica might also be pressured to drop the case after her own sister revealed that the stripper lied about not knowing who Josh Duggar was when she met him at the strip club. In the Hustler article, as well as in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the porn star claimed she did not know who Josh Duggar was, nor that he is married with children.

However, in an interview with Radar Online, Dillon’s sister, Mariah Stamm, claimed the adult film star “stalked” Josh Duggar online and knew his every move for months. Claiming that Dillon believes she is “the next big thing” and a celebrity like Taylor Swift, Stamm said that her sister believes both she and Josh Duggar could benefit from a mutual friendship.

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that Josh Duggar might be appearing on the latest reality show featuring the Duggar family. Josh Duggar’s sisters, Jana and Jinger, as well as his wife, Anna, have been spotted in their local area of Springdale, Arkansas, with a TLC camera crew in tow.

Although nothing has been confirmed, since Anna and her children were clearly on camera as the group shopped for lumber to build a treehouse, Facebook groups that follow the Duggar family have sounded the alarm that the famous family will surely be back on air in 2016.

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