Proof Josh Duggar And Danica Dillon Never Had Sex, Lawyers Claim [Video]

The $500,000 battery case against Josh Dugger has had an interesting turn of events after Josh submitted proof to the Pennsylvania judge that shows that not only did he not have sex with Danica Dillon, but he was not even in the state at the time. The pre-trial hearing was scheduled for January 21, and while Josh submitted mounds of receipts and evidence that he never met with Dillon, the adult film actress failed to provide any medical and business records as the judge requested.

According to Radar Online, Josh Duggar provided Uber receipts and flight receipts that proved he was not in Pennsylvania, but instead in Texas and Maryland, on the dates Danica Dillon claimed they met. Court documents Josh Duggar submitted to the judge on January 20, and obtained by the Hollywood Gossip, stated that “on March 12-14, 2015 or April 17-18, 2015, I was either in Texas, Maryland Washington, D.C, or flying to Texas from Maryland.”

The documents also assert that Duggar “provided evidence of that to my attorney,” and indeed, Josh believes the documents he submitted to the judge confirm that he “was not in the District on those dates and never caused Plaintiff any injury anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Danica Dillon claims she has photographic proof she and Josh hooked up, but so far, nothing has been produced. In fact, Dillon reportedly failed to provide any proof beyond the contract for $900 she submitted along with the original complaint in November.

Instead, according to attorneys for Josh Duggar, Danica “found the time to bowl at Admiral Robinson Recreation Center in San Diego, California, ride a helicopter in Kauai, Hawaii, attend a San Diego Chargers game, and to publicize photographs of herself undertaking those activities on Instagram.”

A trial insider told Radar Online that Dillon’s “team thinks they can get people to back up her story,” and they might. Dillon’s sister, Mariah Stamm, recently went on the record claiming to have direct knowledge that Josh and Danica did have sex.

Although Stamm claims she does not feel bad for either her sister or Duggar, she also asserts that the entire reason for the lawsuit is that her sister just wants her “15 minutes of fame.” In fact, Mariah confirmed that her sister “stalked” Josh Duggar for months before making contact with him, so she would know exactly where he was and what he was doing.

However, in a November interview with Entertainment Tonight, Danica claims she did not know who Josh was, nor did she know he was married. According to Dillon, she thought Josh was “your average, everyday fan.”

Prior to the January 21 pre-trial meeting, Josh and his lawyers had tried to squash the lawsuit, claiming that Dillon failed to provide any evidence of emotional or physical damage. The judge denied both attempts to dismiss the case, however.

The $500,000 lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg in a year of bad press for Josh Duggar. In early 2015, a report surfaced from his teenage years that proved Josh Duggar molested five girls, at least two of whom were his sisters. Just months later, Josh Duggar admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, using two Ashley Madison accounts, as well as a pornography addiction.

Josh Duggar was then shipped off to a faith-based rehab center in Rockford, Illinois, although he is rumored to have left the rehab center before his six-month stint was over.

It’s not clear whether Josh Duggar himself appeared at the pre-trial or if his lawyers were able to represent him. If the case continues, Josh will be required to tell the judge in detail about his sexual encounters with Danica Dillon.

What do you think? Should the case against Josh Duggar be dismissed? Is he a victim of Danica Dillon and her grab for fame? Leave a comment below!

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