Ancient Greek Sculpture Depicting Laptop Computer With Cable And USB Ports Proof Of Time Travel? [Photos]

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Oct. 17 2017, Updated 4:08 a.m. ET

Online conspiracy theorists and paranormal enthusiasts have made the bizarre claim that an ancient Greek funerary relief sculpture depicts a modern-day electronic laptop computer, and could be proof that time travelers from the twenty-first century visited the ancient Greeks and introduced them to the use of laptop computers.

The bizarre claim was first proposed in a video uploaded to YouTube in June 2014, by online paranormal researcher StillSpeakingOut.

The video shows a relief sculpture from the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty villa in Malibu, Los Angeles County, California, that depicts a young girl, presumably a slave girl or a personal servant, holding up a rectangular object with the upper part open like the lid of a small box or chest.

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The image is titled “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant,” on the J. Paul Getty Museum website.

According to the website, the sculpture shows a woman “Lounging in a cushioned armchair… [She] reaches out to touch the lid of a shallow chest held by a servant girl.”

Although historians claim that the slave girl appears to be holding a small chest, paranormal researchers claim that the funerary sculpture, dated to about 100 B.C., actually shows the slave or servant girl of a Greek lady holding up a laptop computer while the lady views the monitor.

According to paranormal researchers, the laptop is an “out-of-place artifact” (OOPArt) that provides evidence that time travelers from the future visited the ancient Greeks and brought laptop computers with them.

The YouTube paranormal researcher StillSpeakingOut, claims that the sculpture “depicts an astonishing object which bears a striking resemblance with a modern laptop or some hand-held device.”

He responds to skeptics who claim that the sculpture shows a lady’s vanity case or her jewel box, by pointing out that, “In another picture taken by a random tourist from a better angle we can see that the object is wide with a structure too narrow to be a jewel box.”


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