‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ava And Steve Get Caught, Belle Lashes Out At Eve, And Nicole And Theresa Make A Move

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there will be some intense moments coming in Tuesday’s episode. Ava is pushing Steve hard now that she has him right where she wants him, and he is having to make some difficult choices in the midst of his determination to find Kayla. Where are things headed in the February 2 episode?

According to We Love Soaps, Ava and Steve’s rather intimate moment will be seen by someone, and that someone is Joey. Viewers have seen that Joey is already fairly unstable as a result of the feelings he has developed for Ava, and now he will see the two of them in the midst of some hanky panky, and this will surely create some significant drama.


While Steve is simply doing what he has to do to save Kayla, Joey will not necessarily be able to brush off this incident without some emotional moments. Steve has been firm with Joey that he needs to stay away from Ava, so seeing his father intimate with her will surely send some mixed signals he has a tough time understanding.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s show, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Brady will have another dream that leaves him a bit unsettled. He is dreaming about a mysterious woman whose face he cannot see, and teasers indicate that soon these dreams will drive Brady to head to California to see what he can learn. It seems that soon Brady will uncover a lot about Daniel’s past there that could really shake things up.

Theresa and Nicole have been extremely frustrated with Kate and the partnership related to Basic Black, and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that they will make some big changes during this February 2 show. While the relaunch was ultimately successful, there has been a lot of drama in working with Kate, and now Theresa and Nicole are ready to start fresh.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Nicole and Theresa will put together a plan to break away from Kate and do things on their own, and they will be aiming to get some help from Brady. However, Brady will be a bit distracted by his recovery and these dreams, and Theresa and Nicole may need to rely on one another as they head down this new path.

Belle has been feeling some jealousy over Eve’s work with Claire, and this situation explodes during this next episode. While Eve has been working on building Claire’s confidence and singing talent, Belle feels threatened by this new relationship and will be going to great lengths this week to shift things.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Belle will throw a massive fit after seeing Eve and Claire together again. It seems that she will be ordering Eve to stay away from Claire, and it seems that Eve doesn’t fight this one. Kassie DePaiva has indicated that her last air date in the role of Eve is this episode, so apparently Eve simply heads out of town, left with nothing to keep her in Salem.

Is Eve really gone for good, though? DePaiva shared with Soaps in Depth that the door has been left open for a return, and she is seemingly happy to consider an opportunity to reprise the role should the show come up with some fresh storyline for the character.

Eve still has connections and family in town, but clearly the writers have been struggling for a while now to create much action for Eve. DePaiva’s fans will want to be sure to check out the February 14 episode of Castle, as Kassie will be shaking things up there, and stay tuned for additional projects down the road.

As the week goes on, viewers will see more of Deimos and Philip, while Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Andre will be connecting with Chad again regarding his theories about Stefano’s death. Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues in Salem.

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