‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Steve Takes Risks To Find Kayla, Ciara Confronts Chase, And Philip Confides In Belle

What can viewers expect from Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers share that there will be big moments between Steve and Ava coming as well as an interesting conversation between Belle and Philip. Secrets are swirling throughout Salem, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

As viewers have seen, Ava smacked Kayla over the head and knocked her unconscious and is now keeping Kayla hidden away from Steve. Ava has made some big demands of Steve in exchange for Kayla, and there is more drama on the way on this front in Monday’s episode.


According to We Love Soaps, Steve will be working on making a deal with Ava to secure Kayla’s safe release. Ava has insisted that Steve needs to find their son and that she will join them. However, Steve has plenty of doubts about the existence of this child.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that as this plan plays out, Steve will have to share some intimate moments with Ava that could spell trouble on the homefront. Steve may be trying to use Ava’s obsession with him to his advantage, sharing a kiss with her to try to get the best of her, but Joey will be seeing that kiss, and it could cause some big problems in this father-son relationship.

Also ahead on Monday’s episode, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Philip will be opening up to Belle about the situation with Deimos. Philip may have thought he had a plan all figured out to steer the company in the direction he envisioned, but he may be in over his head when it comes to Deimos. Later in the week, Deimos will be making some threats toward Philip, and it sounds as if Philip may be finding himself in a very difficult position.

Ciara now knows that Chase is the one who was bullying Theo. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she will have quite a bit to say to Chase about this as she will be tearing into him over what she has learned.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details, however, that Ciara may also find herself willing to forgive Chase and give him another chance as well. These two teens have been through a lot together in the past few months, and while Ciara will be furious over Chase’s treatment toward Theo, it doesn’t sound as if this friendship is going to be completely over after this big reveal.

Viewers will also see Eve working with Claire to get ready for the Juilliard audition. Eve is excited to finally have something to sink her teeth into again. However, Belle does not like this potential Juilliard plan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Belle will make some big moves later in the week to convince Claire to stay in Salem. It seems that the shift in plans will leave Eve heartbroken, and DOOL fans can expect to see Eve heading out of town very soon.

As the week continues, fans will see more dreams from Brady as well as a big move from Theresa and Nicole regarding their careers. There is a confrontation between Eric and Jennifer on the way as well as an intense moment between Gabi and JJ.

Andre will be aiming to convince Chad of his theory about Stefano’s murder while Kate starts to show an interest in Deimos. How far will Steve go to gain Kayla’s release? What comes next for Chad and Abigail? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

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