Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump For President

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks has endorsed Donald Trump for president, kind of, prompting outrage among her Twitter followers.

As part of a tweetstorm, Banks, 24, declared, “I’m think I’m ready to admit that I’m going to vote for Donald Trump.”

It was not exactly a glowing endorsement of the New York billionaire, assuming he wins the Republican nomination and becomes the party’s standard-bearer in the November general election.

She also admitted that she has “no hope for America,” so it’s unclear if she believes that Donald Trump can make America great again, as his campaign slogan repeatedly vows.

Banks continues to insist the U.S. is corrupt, racist and that it owes reparations to African-Americans. With that in mind, perhaps, and in what appears to be a form of circular logic, in follow-up tweets on her Twitter feed she seemed to accuse Trump, the GOP front-runner going into tonight’s Iowa Caucus, of being “evil” and a “piece of s***.”

Among the highlights of her Twitter rant, the rapper also blasted Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for giving lip service to minority issues, called all the other candidates apart from Trump “hoes,” blasted “fake a** liberal white journalists,” claimed that GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is white, and asserted that President Bernie Sanders, who is against reparations, would have zero clout with a Republican-controlled Congress. She also wondered how the U.S. will ever pay reparations if China has all the country’s money.

Back in September, Banks stirred up social media when she admitted she sort of agreed with Donald Trump on the issue of immigration, particularly as it relates to reparations versus welfare benefits to newcomers. According to statistics compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, about 51 percent of legal immigrant-headed households in the U.S. collect some form of welfare; that increases to 62 percent for illegal immigrant households.

A month earlier, Banks sent out a tweet that seemed to compare Trump to Hitler.

In other news, Azealia Banks was in a Manhattan court today on various charges including assault and disorderly conduct in connection with an alleged scuffle with a New York City nightclub security guard. The case was continued until March 29. “Prosecutors offered to let the scrawny diva dodge jail time if she copped to the top charge of misdemeanor assault and complete a sorely needed anger management program. Banks did not immediately take the deal,” the New York Post claimed about the December 16 incident.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Banks allegedly had a meltdown on a Delta Airlines flight from New York to LAX in September, and at one point used homophobic slurs toward the flight attendant because she was not getting her way. A couple who were allegedly victimized in the altercation decided not to press charges.

“Banks’s followers have spent much of the past 12 hours convincing her to #FeelTheBern, but so far she hasn’t budged…While it’s certainly possible that Azealia Banks believes President Trump will do more to help African-Americans than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would, there might be another reason for her well-timed endorsement. As the pinned tweet at the top of her feed reveals, Banks will be releasing her first new song in more than a year this Sunday,” The Daily Beast explained about the reaction to her Donald Trump for president endorsement.

“Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversial speech, and while she denies it, many believe she makes outlandish comments for reaction and publicity…Responding to any criticism that her recent Twitter pot-stirrer is anything but, Banks replied, ‘No critical thinking allowed for the black woman. Sheesh.’ Donald Trump has yet to respond to her endorsement,” BET noted.

“Banks’ tweets are a peek at Trump’s appeal outside traditional Republican demographics. She’s a black woman who works in the entertainment industry, a group not known for being very right-leaning, but she sees Trump as someone strong enough to take on The Man. In her case, it’s big business,” Independent Journal added.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]