Peter Thomas Charged With Assault: Cynthia Bailey Hits Rock Bottom?

Peter Thomas is allegedly at odds with is wife, Cynthia Bailey. In six short months, Peter’s dedication to his marriage and wife has been called into question several times, including during the summer when a video surfaced of him fondling another woman. Now, Peter has been charged with assault. According to a Radar Online report, Peter Thomas has allegedly been charged with simple assault after an altercation at his own bar.

The report reveals that the 55-year-old business owner has been charged with assault following an altercation with a patron at the bar. This happened in Charlotte, North Carolina, at his SportsOne bar. This fight happened last week and police are now pointing the finger at Thomas.

A spokesperson from Mecklenburg District Court reveals that Thomas was charged just one day after the incident. The incident report mentions a man named Brandon Patrick Link, age 45. Link claims he was “assaulted” by the SportsOne owner, but the report doesn’t outline too many details about what happened. Peter, who spends half his time in Atlanta, will be served with a criminal summons at some point, says the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities are skeptical of the story, however. Police are not completely convinced that an assault has taken place. Yet, Peter Thomas has been charged in the case. Apparently, the cops are just curious to speak to Peter about what happened. There is no word on whether Peter knew Link prior to the incident.

“Authorities found a compelling enough reason to call Mr. Thomas in for questioning,” the source says, adding, “They want to hear his side of the story and get more answers.”

The report also reveals that Link was hospitalized for minor injuries after the assault. Peter Thomas claims the patron’s injuries only occurred after he slipped on ice. There is also no word on whether there were witnesses to this supposed assault.

There could be two potential outcomes in this case. First, it could be that the other man just called the authorities on Peter Thomas because of his role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Celebrities sometimes do have altercations with the public simply because people want to be associated with them.

The other possibility is that Peter Thomas actually did assault the man and is looking at a hefty time, community service or possible time behind bars. Since this is just a “simple assault” charge, the two first options may be more applicable. Peter hasn’t talked about his previous criminal history, but it doesn’t seem like jail time would be on the table if the assault did indeed happen.

The major question here is in regard to Cynthia Bailey. This is the second major incident that has rocked their marriage in about six months. Before the arrest, Cynthia was already questioning her marriage to Peter Thomas and in light of recent events she could be reconsidering the marriage. She has said that she wants a loving husband whom she can trust. She has told her sister that she is no longer sexually attracted to her husband anymore, which may have hurt Peter Thomas’ feelings.

What do you think of Peter Thomas getting charged with assault? If you were Cynthia Bailey, what would you do in this situation?

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