Kyle Richards Still Feuding With Sisters Kathy And Kim, ‘RHOBH’ Star Skips Monty Brinson’s Memorial And Funeral

Kyle Richards can’t manage to get along with her sisters for more than a few days at a time it seems. The drama between Richards and her sister Kim Richards played out over several seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Fans watched as the two battled over nearly everything, including their sister Kathy Hilton’s approval. There was a time when the Richards sisters got along, but that was several years ago, and things have changed dramatically since then. But just as Kim Richards needs her sister’s support, Kyle Richards seems to have fallen short.

Recently, it was announced that Monty Brinson had succumbed to cancer. He was the long-time love of Kim Richards, and Kyle Richards was extremely close to the situation. When Brinson took a turn for the worse, Kim Richards began her downward spiral. Kyle Richards watched this all play out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it strained the sisters’ relationship. Since the announcement of Brinson’s passing, it appeared the sisters were working on reconciling. According to Radar Online, Kyle Richards skipped the memorial for Monty Brinson and his funeral this past weekend. While it appeared everything was working out between the sisters, that is clearly no longer the case.

Apparently, Kyle Richards didn’t attend the memorial service or funeral for Monty Brinson because her husband, Maurico was snubbed. There has been an ongoing feud with Maurico and Kathy Hilton’s husband. Richards’ husband used to work for Hilton, but left to build his own company. He is now in direct competition with Hilton, and that has caused a huge strain on the sisters’ relationship. Brinson was staying with the Hiltons during his final days, and that is where the memorial was held. Since the Hiltons made it clear Maurico was not welcome, Richards skipped the entire weekend.

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There is still bad blood between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton because of the things that were aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regarding their family drama. Richards told the world about being uninvited to Nicky Hilton’s wedding last summer. As it turns out, she ended up attending anyway. Hilton doesn’t like her business being put out there on reality television, and has made only a handful of appearances on the reality show since the Richards sisters joined. It has made their sisterly bond stretch, and sometimes even snap. With Kyle Richards not in attendance to say goodbye to someone so important to Kim Richards, there may be no coming back from this. Monty Brinson was Richards’ person in life, and even though they were only married three years, the two remained close for three decades.

While several of the reports indicate that Kyle Richards opted not to attend the memorial and funeral services because of Maurico’s snub, that doesn’t seem to be the only side of the story. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kyle Richards was iced out by Nicky Hilton. She didn’t want her aunt around while the family dealt with the unfortunate passing of Monty Brinson. Kim Richards is just getting her sobriety under control, and drama was not something she needed. It is unclear how Richards feels about Kyle not attending either event. They were working so hard to repair their very damaged relationship, and this may have been the last nail in the coffin for the sisters.

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Right now, Kyle Richards isn’t commenting on much. She is busy doing press for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There has been no official word on how Kim Richards feels about Kyle Richards not attending the services for Monty Brinson, but it definitely didn’t do their strained relationship any favors.

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