Adele Stops Donald Trump From Playing Her Music

Adele is stopping Donald Trump from using her music during his extensive Presidential campaign trail.

According to a new report by the Independent, Adele has made it pretty clear that she does not condone Trump playing her music during public appearances, and has revealed that she has not given her permission for the businessman and Presidential hopeful to do so.

“Adele has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning,” a spokesman allegedly told the Independent, despite Trump previously playing a number Adele’s biggest hits during his recent events.

According to the Independent, Trump has been playing Adele’s 2011 multi-platinum hit, “Rolling In The Deep,” at a number of campaign trail appearances over the past few months, while Twitter user Jim Acosta alleged that the Presidential hopeful also played “Skyfall” at a recent event in Sioux City.

Trump’s continued use of Adele’s hits has caused a number of Adele’s fans and non-Trump supporters to take to social media to condemn the association, with some even tweeting the star to stop the businessman from playing her tracks.

“#Trump using @Adele “Rolling in the deep” – I think she’s cringing as much as we are,” Twitter user @JoeMunnelly1 wrote on the social media site, “wish he would drown in the deep. The bigot.”

Another user, @JulieBrethauer, wrote “Does @Adele know that Donald Trump plays her songs at his rallies? I have a feeling she would not be pleased.”

Filmmaker Jason Pollock also took to the 140-character site to encourage Adele to put a stop to the unauthorized music use. “Ummm. Hey @Adele, Donald Trump is using your song at his rally. Please rectify this immediately!” Pollock wrote, “You can’t let this continue. Ok thanks.”

However, despite some animosity over his choice of music, other users praised Trump’s choice to play Adele’s hits on the social media site. “One other thing to LOVE about Trump: He plays Adele at his rallies!” @kyleraccio wrote, while @workbench59 added, “Let’s go! From Adele to Jagger Trump gots the mojo and the swagger! Jump on this Soul Train and rock the nation! [sic].”

According to NME, Adele is just the latest of a number of musicians have previously put a stop to Trump playing their music at his Presidential rally events. REM’s Michael Stripe, Neil Young, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith have also previously spoken out against Trump playing their back catalog at recent events.

But while it looks like Adele has just added her name to the growing list of artists who are not be too pleased that Trump has been making use of their music in public without permission, Trump hasn’t exactly been quiet about his admiration for the Adele and her record breaking music in the past.

According to a recent report by the Blaze, Donald Trump attended Adele’s exclusive concert at New York’s Radio City Music Hall back in November, where he sat in the audience with the rest of Adele’s fans and even posed for photographs with some of his supporters.

However, the site reported at the time that Trump’s appearance at Adele’s big show was met by a mixed reaction by the crowd, which included a sea of both cheers and boos from Adele fans when he arrived at the concert.

According to concertgoers who spoke to the Blaze following Trump’s appearance last year, Trump allegedly upset fans when he bypassed the audience line waiting outside the iconic New York venue.

Adele has not publicly spoken about the Presidential hopeful’s attendance.

Do you think Adele should let Donald Trump use her music at campaign events?

[Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]