Accident-Prone Harry Styles Praised For Pulling Hot Girls And Warned Against Hazards

Birthday wishes for Holmes Chapel native and One Direction star Harry Styles are pouring in as the tattooed heartthrob celebrates his 22nd birthday today.

Among the colorful messages all over social media and beyond were friends praising Harry’s kind heart, family members gushing over how proud they are of “big” cousin Harry, and protective snarks that no one gets to mock Harold because he dates “the hottest girls ever.”

Instagram user @joaoschiavinato indeed has a point: Harry has been linked to supermodels Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, pop star Taylor Swift, pretty TV presenter Caroline Flack, and New Zealand beauty Georgia Fowler, seen below in an Instagram shot that makes a fetish of her ultra-lean, tanned left hip.

Sombre mood leaving this sunny day ⚜

A photo posted by GEORGIA FOWLER (@georgiafowler) on

Georgia stares moodily off-camera, pouting as wavy locks fall over her face. A towel is draped over her body, allowing only that hip-and-thigh focal point to peek through, as well as the curving strand of a minuscule g-string. The New Zealand model’s tight abs are suggested, rather than shown, and a foot casually jutting in the foreground adds an informality and candidness, as well as a lazy Australia/New Zealand “patio” vibe, to the excellent shot.

User Ella Bella sent her love to “my big cousin,” adding that Harry has “made us all so proud.” A photograph showing Harry smiling alongside the proud user, thought to be Harry Styles’ genuine cousin, was included.

A few celebrities got on board, notably Larry King, who posted a shot of himself with Styles and praised Harry as “talented.”

A girl thought to be a friend of Harry’s came forward describing some fond memories she has of klutzy Harry in action, and warning Styles to “stay away from coal bunkers.”

While most users stated that Chloe Burcham is “a friend” of Harry’s, some people said that they thought she was Harry’s sister by a different mother.

Chloe chastised Harry for “stealing my Dalmatian costume” 18 years ago. Perhaps four-year-old Harry preferred Chloe’s costume to whatever outfit mother Anne Twist had decked him out in and decided to make off with the spotty threads when Chloe left them in the change room.

Chloe also warned Harry to “watch your step near coal bunkers.” Could uncoordinated Harry have taken a tumble and fallen into such a bunker in his early years?

It wouldn’t be the only time Harry has fallen over. When One Direction appeared on Ellen, the talk show queen asked them about their klutzy stage moments. Ellen played a montage of the guys falling over, which culminated with a particularly epic tumble from Harry himself.

Harry attributed the falls to the One Direction guys’ commitment to putting on a great show.

“Well first of all, I think it’s because we always give one hundred and ten percent.”

Today One Direction fans joined celebrities and Harry’s friends and family in sending birthday well-wishes to the hunk, and #HappyBirthdayHarryStyles became a trend.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]