‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 To Add Taylor Swift As The Killer?

One of Ryan Murphy’s biggest dreams might come true in the second season of Scream Queens. It’s no secret that Murphy has waited a long time to work with Taylor Swift, and with casting for Scream Queens’ new season under way, Swift might be added to the show in some capacity. Which role will the award-winning singer play in Murphy’s horror comedy?

For starters, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Swift has been cast for a role in Scream Queens. However, it is known that Murphy is looking to add a number of new cast members to the mix as the show enters its second season.

Even more, Murphy recently told Hollywood Life that he has tried to get Swift on board with the project multiple times in the past. Unfortunately, her busy schedule did not allow her enough time to work on the show.

“I love Taylor Swift. I go after Taylor Swift for everything that I do. I have great affection for her. And she’s always been so nice about giving me stuff. And I think she’s great. I would love to work with her. I actually called her people about her for this, but she had already booked a tour, and I said, just do one episode, but she couldn’t even do that. But some day, because I’m a big fan.”

Swift’s schedule has freed up now that she is not on tour, which adds more hope that she’ll join the show in Season 2.

Taylor Swift [Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]
Taylor Swift [Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]

“Ryan Murphy really wants Taylor Swift to be a part of it,” an inside source explained to Hollywood Life. “And now that she has some time on her hands with no tour obligations, she is considering to take a part on the show. Ryan wants to write her a character so good that she has no reason to say No.”

Exactly what this character might turn out to be is unknown, but it appears as though Murphy has big plans for Swift. Does this mean she might be the killer in Season 2?

Meanwhile, E! Online is reporting that Murphy has plans to cast four new roles in the second season. All of these roles are for men, who will be playing doctors. While the last season was set in sorority on a college campus, the upcoming season of Scream Queens will be played out in a hospital.

The new male roles indicates a change from a female dominated cast in Season 1. That being said, it isn’t clear if any of the male actors from the first season, which included Oliver Hudson, Diego Boneta, and Glen Powell, will return for the new season.

While Murphy and his team of writers are still working on the main storyline for Season 2, many of the cast members from Season 1 have not confirmed their return. The only cast members that are thought to returning for sure are Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, although more of the original cast are likely to join as well.

Emma Roberts on Scream Queens [Image via Fox]
Emma Roberts on Scream Queens [Image via Fox]

Although Scream Queens did not have as high a rating as many expected, the first season was a success after multi-platform numbers were taken into account. With Scream Queens being named the top show on social media, the network’s decision to renew for another season was not surprising.

Apart from the aforementioned cast, the first season also included Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, Skyler Samuels, and Keke Palmer.

An official premiere date for the second season of Scream Queens has not been announced, though it is expected to air next fall on FOX.

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[Image via Fox]