Rockets Trade Rumors: Could Rudy Gay To Houston Deal Work With Sacramento Kings?

Rockets trade rumors suggest a Rudy Gay deal to Houston could work. There are a number of Houston Rockets trade rumors this year due to the struggles that the team has had during the first half of the NBA season. Dealing for a player like Rudy Gay could certainly give the Rockets another significant weapon on offense. The rumors of a Houston deal with the Sacramento Kings seem to stem from a report on CBS Sports. The report addressed several scenarios where the Kings could deal Gay before the NBA trade deadline.

In that proposed deal, the Kings would receive Corey Brewer, K.J. McDaniels, and Terrence Jones to make the money work. While no draft picks are included in this projected deal, the Rockets could include one to convince the Kings it is a good package. Brewer and McDaniels each have two more years on their deals and Jones is a restricted free agent at the end of the current season. Selling points for the deal include Brewer playing well for George Karl back in Denver, McDaniels being very young, and Jones under team control.

It is clear why these Houston Rockets trade rumors work well for the team receiving Rudy Gay. He is a player who can provide instant offense and would certainly give the Rockets a third star player in the starting lineup. Having a core of James Harden, Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay, and Ty Lawson could be very formidable in the Western Conference. While it could be seen as risky that the Rockets would be sacrificing depth in this deal, it would set up the roster much better for the NBA Playoffs.

Rudy Gay Against Kobe Bryant
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In the updated NBA standings, the Houston Rockets are 25-25 and have the seventh-best record in the West. The team is treading water when it comes to competing in the tough Southwest Division, and has lost six of its last 10 games. It may be desperation time for the front office in Houston, especially with how much money the team has cost to put together. As the NBA trade deadline approaches, it’s possible the team could be thinking about shedding salary to avoid the pending luxury tax penalties.

The current salaries for the Houston Rockets come in at just about $90 million for the 2015-16 NBA season. The Rockets are also on the hook for just over $80 million already for the 2016-17 NBA season. That number could get a bit lower if Dwight Howard decides to opt out of his current contract and not take his player option worth about $23.3 million. If Howard wants to get a long-term deal from the Rockets or another team in free agency, he will certainly decide to opt out of his current contract.

There are other Houston Rockets trade rumors suggesting that the team could actually look to trade Dwight Howard before the deadline. This could net the team some younger assets and possibly a draft pick or two to go through a small rebuilding project. That would be a very risky move, though, if the front office in Houston is intent on moving past the first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. If the consideration is to take advantage of the current “window” that the team has to compete for a title, acquiring a player like Rudy Gay might make a lot of sense.

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The 2016 NBA trade deadline is on February 18, giving teams until that point to make deals. It takes place the week after the NBA All-Star Game, giving teams a lot of time to work out deals during the break. There are going to be more Houston Rockets trade rumors if the team continues to struggles, especially with the Portland TrailBlazers catching up in the standings. The Rockets could be risking a first-round match with the Golden State Warriors if the team doesn’t make a move before the deadline.

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